Bugs, BAAGS and Bad Communication

by tigger

I have been reading the board quite seriously for the last couple of months, delving into all aspects of it, rather than just contributing where I saw an interesting topic. 

Something has been niggling at the back of my mind and it is now coming to fruition.  We as gamers are in a state of flux.  On one side of a very complex equation, we have developers and distributors trying their best to combat piracy, in doing this they have narrowed their playing public as many do not have the relevant hardware to cope with the protection software. Those who would flout the copyright laws however have the self same games up and running via dubious means.  Then we have the hardware sellers who donít actively sell the relevant hardware so games can install properly (even on the big UK sites, finding a CD-Rom player is getting more difficult)  On another side of this we have game developers writing for different versions of graphic drivers.. The newest game may Not run with the newest graphic drivers, but need an earlier version.  Downgrading your graphics drivers can be an absolute nightmare (as we experienced personally earlier this year) and can cause serious problems with your system. 

We canít play very early games without a great amount of tweaking and some just wonít perform at all no matter what you do, apart from move it to a win 9x box rather than XP doing what it said it did on the tin and being more User friendly.  I donít consider a package where I can have up to 21 background tasks user friendly!!!!

In all the time I have been playing on the site, I donít think I have ever seen so many diverse problems and glitches with new games.  Previously, we had patches for relevant problems out quickly and were able between us to sort many other tech issues which were either due to processor speed or game specs.

Adventure game installation is becoming an adventure in itself and Iím not too happy with the way it is panning out.  Iím sure other genres have the same issues, maybe its time for the developers to get round Arthurís table and have a serious discussion rather than all going their own routes, thus making gaming harder for the rest of us.  Or maybe they just want us to buy X boxesÖ

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