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l. Find the save in your game folder
2. Right-click on the save
3. On the menu that comes up, put your cursor on "send to"
4. On next menu, Left-click on "mail recipient"
5. You should now have an e-mail with the save as an attachment--just put in the address and send...


1. If you already have a save with the same number as the one you are downloading, move it to the desktop until you have finished
2. In the e-mail, double-click on the little icon in the attachment bar
3. In the box that comes up, be sure "save it to disk" is checked, and click "ok"
4. Now you have the "Save attachment as" box--just put the URL of the place where your game saves are located in the white bar at the top and click "save".

For some games, an additional file (for example, a .jpg file) will be needed, in addition to the save file...