"Yuletide Cheer
Whether itís a Yuletide brew or mince pie you are after, The Green Man Inn at Wychwood is great place to be this Winter Solstice. Many have sought refuge beneath the ancient wooden beams and crept through the winding passageways. Pull up a chair, to the fireside, as the story is about to begin."
The Trials of the Underworld - All ancient cultures believed that there was an underworld, a darker place where the dead go to. Whether or not that is true, they also built places that mimic such scenarios. Your task, in the 'Underworld' is to survive! Pass the tests, understand the cycle of life and death, and return to the land of the living.

The Deepest Forest - The epitome of the dark, dense forest. This is a place where wood sprites look upon, as the first tree is cut down. There is a slow, saddening cry from the interior. Something terrible has happened, the beginning of the end for this forest. One day, this will be moorland. All the trees will be gone, but the spirits will remain. Right now, in OUR time, a pub called The Green Man resides on this spot. I wonder if it's haunted?









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