Dark Fall: Lost Souls


Andrew Verney believed he could bury himself in work, mapping the night sky for an up-coming book, but he cannot escape what is REALLY on his mind. The shadow of death is looming.

The old Station Cafe has new diners. They stare into nothingness, waiting forever. Note to gamer: Don't eat the food.



Echo is always available, for clues and advice, but is Echo really working for you? Or is there a hidden agenda.

The old Station Hotel was once a proud, bustling place, back in the 1940's. Now, there is only dust, cobwebs, memories and...of course...the ghosts!



The Shadowkin thrive on darkness, fear and Lost Souls. Use light, any light!, to banish them back into their own realm.

Travel in time, to experience the past, through the eyes of the dead. You can re-live events, by 'time jumping' into almost forgotten memories.



The Forgotten

Life Leech


Station Hotel

Station Platform

Station Foyer

Station Cafe

Old Hotel Room


The Astronomer
It's been a long time since anyone gazed out, across the Dorset landscape, using Andrew's old telescope...but a memory remains. Someone, at some time, made a startling discovery using this old antique, perhaps you will do the same?

The Sťance Room
Ackerman Zeus used many tricks to fool the gullible ghost-hunting tourists. The Ouija Board was a favourite; the eager eyes would watch, as the planchette moved, to spell out a name, a date or a long forgotten secret.

Derelict Bathroom
The Station Hotel was the talk of town, once, long ago. Now the place is in ruins; damp, dark and desolate. You are the new guest, the last guest. It is unlikely that you will ever leave.

The Hotel
A weary traveller, a couple on a romantic tryst, a secret rendezvous and a spy in hiding. They have all stayed in The Station Hotel. Checking in, but never checking out. The dead tell no tales, unless you have the nerve to ask...who knows who, or what, may be listening.

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