Feline Intuition:

Mr.Tibb's has grown into quite the ghost-hunter! Nigel has been mastering 'animal affinity', so he can guide his furry friend around areas inaccessible to people. Some say animals, especially pets, can sense ghosts, and danger. Mr.Tibbs would agree! There's something wrong in the Pine Ridge Care Home. Who are the Shadowmen? Why do they stalk the hallways of the old people's home? What is it they want?


Haunted TV

 The old dears, residents of the Pine Ridge Care Home, insist 'faces' appear on the old telly, even when it's not plugged in. Haunted? Lucy seems to think so, but she's in for a surprise during her investigation. One of the faces is Nigel. How is that possible? And what is the cryptic message he wishes to impart? "Lucy, don't trust… I was wrong, it's not …. it's a trap, we will…" then he's gone, again.

Witch Bottle Crafting

In his battle against the on-coming darkness, Nigel must utilise every means possible, even if Nanny Noah insists that the Dark Arts are dangerous and untrustworthy. Crafting Witches Bottles, in Celtic Corner, is one such 'art'. It takes skill, understanding and a cornucopia of esoteric ingredients. Hunting and foraging for the best items is essential, around Saxton and the wider world. Keep 'em peeled!


H.M.Sedgemarsh Prison

Innocent or guilty, Edmund Gruel (The Catnapper!) has served his time. Leaving the stony walls of Sedgemarsh Prison, the old Antique Shop owner wonders what kind of reception awaits him, back in his home town of Saxton. Nigel and Lucy need Gruel. They need him to talk! But, with Jemima gone he's a tight-lipped guy. Unless, of course, you are handy with a sewing machine.

The Psychic's Table

Nanny Noah has been training Nigel in the art of Psychometry. Objects, such as heirlooms, trinkets and charms have a history. It's up to you how much Nigel gleans from these 'trigger objects', to work out who they belonged to, what they were used for and do they have a deeper story to tell.


Fen House

Out among the whispering reeds is a building, a house on the brink of nowhere. Obviously, it goes without saying that Fen House is haunted, but the place echoes with many souls, not just one wretched spirit. As Nigel and Lucy investigate the old house, they are watched… two beady eyes watch from above, as a dark figure scowls from the pine trees.

Saxton Harbour

Bob Tawny runs the Island Ferry, to take our keen adventurers out to the mysterious, ragged rocks the locals call 'Hallowed Isle'. Some say the 'last of Ulcombe' dwell there, but it is not a place for the average tourist. "Their ways are not ours" says Nanny Noah, "you'll find nothing but darkness there". Is she right, and will Nigel heed the warning to his curiosity?


Krippen Crag

The Old Lifeboat Station, at Krippen Crag, has not seen action since… well, that would be saying. For now, all you need know is that it's open for tourism and maybe a ghost hunt or two. The rocks of the crag have claimed many a life, but are the rumours of Wreckers really true? Do they STILL operate to this day? A return to the crag after dark may be in order.

Saxmunden Mine

Something terrible has been disturbed by the miners; a harmless looking flask, wedged between the rocks has cracked, as the workers dig deeper. Something that could kill everyone in Saxton… and beyond. The Bubonic Plague killed a third of the population, back in the day, could it really do the same in our time? The long time dead could provide our salvation, but their distorted whispers will have to be deciphered first.


GhostGadget EVPs

Thank Nigel and Lucy's boss for the brand new 'GhostGadget', as you are going to need it! EVP, Nite-Vision, EMF and data storage for the modern ghost-hunter who thought they had everything. It's an All-In-Wonder to cover every eventuality, with potential upgrades and customisation for those tricky to reach spirits.

Pine Ridge Care Home

Lucy has persuaded Nigel to investigate the Pine Ridge ‘old folks’ home. Her Grandfather has been in contact, "something stalks the halls after dark, please help us" he pleads. At first Nigel is not convinced. Yes it is dark, yes it is creepy, but haunted? That's another matter, until 'the event'. That's when everything changes and Hallowed Isle starts to reveal its terrible secret.


When is a crow not a crow?

Napper is a nasty piece of work. Vicious and vindictive, he watches Nigel's progress with evil intent. Scarred by his claw, Nigel forms a psychic bond with the feathered fiend. What is Napper up to? Who looks after him? Are the rumours that Old Flinty has returned true?! If so, the battle for Saxton may be a hard task where there can only ever be one victor.

GhostGadget Investigations

Is it possible to 'see' into the past? With the new GhostGadget you can! Customise and upgrade to increase the power and accuracy. Soon, you'll be 'talking' to the dead. But, be warned, they too can see and hear you! Be careful what you ask, and say, as our knowledge is not theirs to know.


Ager House

The Ganwulf Crown may be back where it belongs, hidden from the curious, but the Agers are not finished with our ghost-hunting heroes. No-one must know the power of the old Anglo-Saxon Crowns, and they will stop at nothing to protect them. With Nigel down, Lucy must battle her way through an impossible house, out of time.



The Scarecrow




The Warren