Delving Deeper: Nigel examines a portrait of Thomas Ager, the sinister Vicar of Northfield Church. Thomas was one of 4 brothers, all evil to the core, sworn to protect the location of The Lost Crown. The Graveyard: Exploring the graveyard during the day is vital. Nigel will be returning to this location, at midnight, so will need to know the terrain. His life may depend on it.
The Rector of Northfield: Nigel attempts to get more information from The Rector of Northfield; he has been Rector of the church for over 30 years, but the superstitious locals still see him as an outsider. Palm Reading: Nigel is new to Tasseography, so knows nothing little about how revealing the palm can be. Nanny Noah, Saxton's White Witch, makes an excellent tutor, on dark afternoons.
Finding Clues: Saxton Station has many links to the past; the Station Master himself has worked at the rural station all his life, following in the footsteps of his father. So, it is little surprise to find that the stations antiques may hide more than what meets the naked eye. Investigation: Lucy Reubans & Nigel Danvers explore the dark passages and galleries of The Saxton Town Museum. Sneaking around, after dark, is the only way to get to the bottom of the many mysteries the town has to offer.
Inside the Haunted House: Nigel Danvers explores the hallway of Harbour Cottage using his ghost-hunting gadgets.
Nigel on Saxton Shore: The town of Saxton is built upon the granite cliffs of Saxton Shore, overlooking the natural harbour. The windswept beach of Saxton Shore provides access to the coastline, the caverns and the sinister 'Old Net Store'.
A Plague Victim: The poor unfortunate victims of the medieval plague sleep an endless sleep in the bowels of the Ulcombe Crypts.
Sedgemarsh Station: 'The Sleepwalker' steam train arrived from London, to find the tracks flooded with tidal waters. There will be no onward journey to Saxton, meaning Nigel must wander across the eerie fenlands.
Using the E.M.F. Meter: Not all is as it seems, so Nigel's handy ghost-hunting gadgets will prove invaluable. The E.M.F. Meter detects invisible energy fields in the atmosphere. Something about the Northfield list of past rectors has activated its detector field.
The Fenlands: Saxton is surrounded, on all sides, by the ancient watery wetlands of Anglia. Beneath the murky waters, lay treasures beyond our imagining. Nigel must orientate this misty landscape to discover The Lost Crown.
Sedgemarsh Station: No trains run during Saxton's flood season. The last stop is Sedge Marsh, miles up the track, across the fens. The Station has little to do during this time, so The Station Master is happy to pass the time with Nigel, and share a tale or two.
The Ulcombe Crypts have remained hidden from view since the time of the Great Plague; locals don't dare venture into the place for fear of disturbing something from that terrible time. Nigel is less superstitious, so enters the ancient crypts to seek clues to the location of The Lost Crown.
The Saxton Skeleton: A body was found, many, many years ago, in the dark paths of The Carrion Wood. The body was mutilated beyond recognition. Will today's ghosthunting gadgets be able to solve the mystery of who this man was, and why he was murdered? As a shape begins to materialise on the LCD screen, Nigel fears he may be about to meet the victim!
thelostcrown32: The Ghost Detectives: Nigel Danvers and Lucy Reubans form an unpredictable partnership; Lucy is a sceptic, with an open mind, while Nigel utterly believes in the paranormal. Together they form a ghosthunting duo, seeking The Lost Crown and their destiny, on the Eve of May Day.

An encounter with Mr. Russet at Northfield church.

The old warehouse at Saxton hides a grim secret, for both Lucy and Nigel to discover.

The coastpath to Ulcombe Church affords views of the North Sea and the nearby lighthouse

Nigel hesitates to enter the Saxton warehouse as the sea churns around the rocks below.

The ghosthunter awaits the arrival of a fellow enthusiast.


Lucy Reubans watches Nigel's progress through the nightvision camcorder.

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