They confuse "season" and "set" which makes it hard to be sure at a glance whether they have every episode of a series or not.
For example they have "Trial and Retribution" as 6 seasons when it actually ran for 12. It was released in 6 SETS of of two seasons each. Not the first time they've done this, but now that I know it I don't look at their season count anymore but at the years they list series running and number of episodes. Ie "Trial and Retribution" is listed as 1997-2008 which is clearly more than 6 season.

"Trial and Retribution" must have been hard to watch on its original run since 9 of the 12 seasons are only two episodes a year. Not until its 10th year that it has 10 episodes. 11th also has 10 and 12th runs for 6. Two year break between seasons 9 and 10 (yikes). That's a long time to wait.
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