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#1012919 - Yesterday at 09:57 PM Monday
gymcandy1 Offline
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 04/24/05
Posts: 30385
Loc: Mead, Oklahoma
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
― H. Jackson Brown Jr., P.S. I Love You

My 45-year-old sister was attending the wedding of a childhood friend when she ran into people she hadn’t seen in years. How long exactly? One of them shouted, "Kathy, you got your braces off!"


Recently I sat in a restaurant watching two older men go at it. It quickly grew heated as one of them declared, "I’m so mad, I’m taking you off my pallbearer list!"


My nine-year-old daughter walked in while I was getting ready for work. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Putting on my wrinkle cream," I answered.

"Oh," she said, walking away. "I thought they were natural."


Our favorite museum in town displays quilts from around the country. When I visited recently, I asked the woman at the front desk about a senior discount. It wasn’t to be.

"Sir," she said, "this is a quilt museum. We give discounts to teenagers."


For her 40th birthday, my wife said, "I’d love to be ten again." So that Saturday, we had a heaping stack of chocolate-chip pancakes, her favorite childhood breakfast. Then we hit the playground and a merry-go-round. We finished the day with a banana split.

"So how did you enjoy being a kid for a day?" I asked.

"Great," she said. "But when I said I wanted to be ten again, I meant my dress size."


I was feeling pretty creaky after hearing the TV reporter say, "To contact me, go to my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, or try me the old-fashioned way-e-mail."


My grandfather was sipping a beer when he confessed to me he’d drunk more than usual the day before. "What’s more than usual?" I asked.

"A case."

"You can drink a case in a day?!"

"Well," he grumbled defensively, "it doesn’t take all day."


I have no respect for gangs today. They just drive by and shoot people. At least in the old days, like in West Side Story, the gangs used to dance with each other first.


My sister and I decided to reframe a favorite photograph of our mother and father from when they were dating, some 60 years ago. After removing the picture from the frame, I turned it over, hoping to find a date. I didn’t. Instead, my mother had written, "128 lbs."


"How was your blind date?"

"Terrible! He showed up in a 1932 Rolls-Royce."

"What’s so terrible about that?"

"He was the original owner."


The biggest loser at my weight-loss club was an elderly woman. "How’d you do it?" we asked. "Easy," she said. "Every night I take my teeth out at six o’clock."


John is out with his friends and stops by his grandmother’s house for a visit. There’s a bowl of peanuts on the coffee table, and John and his friends start snacking on them. When they’re ready to leave, his friends say, "Nice to meet you, ma’am, and thank you for the peanuts." Grandma says, "You’re welcome. Ever since I lost my dentures, all I can do is suck the chocolate off of them."


I’m bald–well, balding. I like to say "balding" because it sounds more productive. And I don’t like to say I’m losing my hair, because that makes it sound like had I been more responsible, this wouldn’t have happened. "Where’s your hair?" "I lost it. You know me. Where are my keys?"


After I bought my mother a compact-disc player and some CDs, she was excited to discover she no longer needed to rewind or fast-forward tapes or move the needle on her record player.

Knowing she was not that technically astute, I called her a few days later to see how she was managing. "Fine. I listened to Shania Twain this morning," she said.

"The whole CD?" I asked.

"No," she replied, "just one side."


A nurse friend of mine took a 104-year-old patient for a walk in the hospital corridor. When she got him back to his room and sat him down, he took a deep breath and announced, "That was great! I don’t feel a day over 100!"


Her class assignment was to interview an "old person" about his life, so my niece asked me, "What was the biggest historical event that happened during your childhood?"

"I’d have to say the moonwalk," I replied.

She looked disappointed. "Why was that dance so important to you?"


Good morning ever boomie. welcome

Well heck, it's another one just like the other one. razz

Yep, just like yesterday, it's the day after yesterday.

Unlike yesterday though, I don't have to work today. yay I have to go to court, again. cry

I really hope this 'civic duty thing' doesn't destroy two whole days off. sad

That would be 'unfortunate' for whoever the defentant is. evil

I swear I'm kidding your holiness. snicker

I take my civic duty seriously....

and with a shot of wiskey

on the rocks. woot

Have a happy day everyone.


Edited by gymcandy1 (Yesterday at 10:01 PM)
"Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier 'n puttin' it back in." Will Rogers

#1012922 - Yesterday at 10:17 PM Re: Monday [Re: gymcandy1]
BrownEyedTigre Online   happy
The Sassy Global Moderator PR Liaison
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 01/04/04
Posts: 66761
Loc: In the Naughty Corner
Have a great day Joe and I hope you don't have to spend it all in court.

Happy Monday boomies!
Don't feed the Trolls

#1012939 - Today at 01:55 AM Re: Monday [Re: gymcandy1]
Haroula Online   happy
BAAG Specialist

Registered: 06/02/10
Posts: 8734
Loc: Greece
Good morning,have a happy Monday everyone. smile wave
I change all my passwords to "incorrect". So whenever I forget, it says, "your password is incorrect".

#1012958 - Today at 04:21 AM Re: Monday [Re: gymcandy1]
Kaki's Sister Offline
Graduate Boomer

Registered: 11/21/04
Posts: 18318
Loc: Marlborough USA
spring Good Morning Joe, Ana and Haroula. Coffee is ready. Hope you all have a wonderful day! spring

#1012965 - Today at 06:54 AM Re: Monday [Re: gymcandy1]
connie Offline
BAAG Specialist

Registered: 07/12/02
Posts: 8384
Loc: winter springs fl.
Good morning to all my Diner buddies. May all here and all who come in later have a Wonderful Monday. Danish, BB Pancakes, and French Toast in the NC. spring

#1012968 - Today at 07:14 AM Re: Monday [Re: gymcandy1]
GBC Online   content
Graduate Boomer

Registered: 07/06/07
Posts: 15245
Loc: Massachusetts
Good Morning Boomers spring

Joe, hope the day works out well for you.

Ana, enjoy whatever the day brings your way.

Haroula, happy day!

Gerry, have a great one.

Connie, good morning. happy day wishes.

Going to be a beautiful day here. A long walk with the dogs this morning. Maybe sit out and read later seeing the weather is good. catrub

#1012980 - 10 minutes 31 seconds ago Re: Monday [Re: GBC]
Darlene Online   content
BAAG Specialist

Registered: 02/10/00
Posts: 9643
Loc: Southern California
wave Howdy ho, sweet Joe! Thanks for the openers! Happy Monday, and hope it goes as you would like!

Good morning, sweet 'Boomies!

Alrighty, gotta skoosh! See you later!
You become what you think about. Change your thoughts, change your life. - Dko


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