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#283815 - 02/23/08 12:45 PM Adventure Gaming - Lonely?
chrissie Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 01/15/05
Posts: 4461
Loc: london uk
I'm interested in a lot of things & know many people - but I have yet to meet anyone who has an interest in playing Adventure Games - other genres yes! I love visiting Game Boomers but it would be so nice just to meet a bunch of friends socially to have a good old chinwag about what we're playing at the mo, what the game's like etc but there's just nobody! Is it the same for you?

Also, when I have mentioned I like Adventure Games - the reaction is usually one of amusement - most people associate games with the action games their boyfriends, husbands, sons (occasionally daughters) & mates play & have no concept that there are other types of games available.

A work colleague I have a good rapport with said she wished that her son would trade in some of his games as they were cluttering the place up - when I asked how many he had she indicated he had about 12! rolleyes I laughed & told her that I was glad she was not MY mother as I have over 200 - her face was a picture & she couldn't stop laughing! Do you get this reaction?? smile

#283820 - 02/23/08 12:51 PM Re: Adventure Gaming - Lonely? [Re: chrissie]
misa Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 11/04/07
Posts: 1372
Loc: PA, USA
People are generally surprised when I tell them that the main genre of video games that I play are adventure games. Maybe because they think I don't look smart enough to pull it off? lol! razz

#283857 - 02/23/08 02:01 PM Re: Adventure Gaming - Lonely? [Re: misa]
Becky Offline
The Medieval Lady
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 02/16/00
Posts: 26917
Loc: Stony Brook, New York, USA
I have friends and family who play adventure games. I have even recently discovered that one of my neighbors writes about the stress-reducing aspects of casual games. laugh

The strangest reactions I receive are from young male gamers who really don't believe that a person of my gender and errr, mature age will enjoy gaming.

#283862 - 02/23/08 02:18 PM Re: Adventure Gaming - Lonely? [Re: Becky]
Mad Offline
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 11/21/00
Posts: 28782
Loc: United Kingdom
Hi smile

As a "Granny" I did used to attract some amused looks when I visited the local game shop in town (in the days when they did actually sell Adventures of course) but the Manager eventually got to know and respect me and actually started saving up questions from other customers (no walkthroughs then) because I had played so many games !!

And what a laugh THAT gave me lol lol


Mad wave
Time : The Most Precious Commodity

#283870 - 02/23/08 02:29 PM Re: Adventure Gaming - Lonely? [Re: chrissie]
The Haze Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 02/12/06
Posts: 1001
Loc: SE Michigan
cool I'm a soon-to-be-retired high school teacher. When my students learn that I enjoy playing video games where no-one is shot and nothing is blown up or exploded, they assume that I am not quite sane. (When they discover that I do not own a cell phone, they assume I'm from another planet!) rolleyes
If all the people were heroes, there would be no one to watch the parades.

#284101 - 02/24/08 12:37 AM Re: Adventure Gaming - Lonely? [Re: chrissie]
RNL Offline
Shy Boomer

Registered: 02/15/08
Posts: 73
Loc: Ohio
I have generally found that most of the people I end up talking gaming with are hardly aware of the genre at first. There is amost no PC games offered in the 'mortar and brick' stores around here much less adventure games.
The MMORPG type of gaming have been making big inroads lately around here and I can understand the stores not selling many PC games anymore as the people who play those types of games spend so much time and their moneies on them there is not much demand for anything else.
A big draw of those types of games as well is the social aspect as the basic gameplay is mindless repetition. Many of the gamers use teamspeak or a similar program such as Ventrilo to be able to talk to one another in real time while they are playing. I am sure this helps to alleviate the boredom of actual gameplay.

As a side note I am curious if something like this was used for the online URU game, and I am not saying that URU was boring by any means but it might have helped with any lag issues if people only communicated via the keyboard. Kind of a moot point now anyway from what I have read in the forums here and I could be way off base as I do not know how communications were handled in there. Perhaps if enough interest in the social aspect is found such as it is this could be tried by some to see how it goes. Hearing a voice somethimes goes a lot further than reading typed words, but it is not the same as meeting someone still.

For the most part by nature PC gaming is an indivdual exercise but I have tried to make adventure gaming a little more social for my children and their friends by using only laptops for our PC's. This way they get carried around from room to room and generate some family time as someone always needs help to solve a puzzle and then onto other's homes where they share their adventure and hopefully have fun involving someone there solving a puzzle together.


#284119 - 02/24/08 02:21 AM Re: Adventure Gaming - Lonely? [Re: Becky]
gremlin Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 11/06/01
Posts: 1691
Loc: Isle of Man
Originally Posted By: Becky
I have friends and family who play adventure games. I have even recently discovered that one of my neighbors writes about the stress-reducing aspects of casual games. laugh

I have several work colleagues who're avid gamers, though mostly FPS-ers. But I guess that's pretty much inevitable in an IT department smile

The strangest reactions I receive are from young male gamers who really don't believe that a person of my gender and errr, mature age will enjoy gaming.

Gaming (particularly writing reviews for GB) and playing the bass guitar are two features that mean I'm considered a 'cool dad' by my 14-year old daughter (and her friends)!!


#284129 - 02/24/08 03:19 AM Re: Adventure Gaming - Lonely? [Re: gremlin]
dragonuk44 Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 02/20/05
Posts: 3642
Loc: stoke on trent England
Like RNL where I am hardly any adventure games .My son says the games I play are nt always done right as over here there is little call for them.I say if we had more of a variaty there would be .Even Ian when I have down loaded some games he says that looks neat and always goes to optoins to try and get the game running as good as possible .I like playing Hafe Life as that as puzzals in as well and when Ian said I would like it I was nt sure but I do .He seemed to like Dead Reefs but he likes a more relistic game .The better the graffics .I cant see the point in a lot of shoot out games .War I can as that includes planning to but not for me .Condemmed I would say is action to but good story and puzzals .I dont even have a lot of friends with computors but there children do and I find my self talking to them and my friends saying not on about games and computors again .They just don t seem to under stand .Like not answering the phone as you are in the middle of some thing.Comments like bet you was on that computor .Casual games kids love and when a friends child comes down mine we play and I enjoy it .My own grand daughter likes driving tanks and yes you got it .Blowing things up and she is only 4 .I also play on the ds with my friends daughter as she as no idea and quite a few yrs younger than me .Sanatorium started it all for me .Me and my hubby basicly kiddnapped that game and my sons computer lol Sorry to go on

#284156 - 02/24/08 04:41 AM Re: Adventure Gaming - Lonely? [Re: dragonuk44]
Kaki's Sister Offline
True Blue Boomer

Registered: 11/21/04
Posts: 23344
Loc: Marlborough USA
I've noticed when shopping for games I see more and more of us "seniors" looking at games too.

#284230 - 02/24/08 09:35 AM Re: Adventure Gaming - Lonely? [Re: Kaki's Sister]
Becky Offline
The Medieval Lady
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 02/16/00
Posts: 26917
Loc: Stony Brook, New York, USA
RNL -- both keyboard and voice can be used in Uru, though keyboard is used much more frequently than voice.

I loved the group gaming experience in Uru.

#284457 - 02/24/08 04:04 PM Re: Adventure Gaming - Lonely? [Re: chrissie]
Carrie Offline
Settled Boomer

Registered: 06/30/01
Posts: 953
Loc: San Francisco area, Calif.
I don't have friends or family who share my interest either frown (it really would've been nice to share the fun, & exchange opinions with even one friend or family member).

I've gotten the feeling that most people don't really know what Adventure Games are... that when they hear "video/computer games", they think solely of 'shooters'.

I've never minded elbowing my way amongst the (mostly younger) game shoppers, 'tho I mostly buy online now. I remember when I was in my 20s, I was always impressed when I saw people who were my parents' age doing things & going places that were typically frequented by younger people. Today, I'd bet that they are just as (positively) impressed by me... hoping that when they get to be my age, they'll be as young-at-heart as 'that ol' lady' laugh.
Happily, I found this worldwide community of my game-loving peers
... so, no more loneliness.

#284497 - 02/24/08 05:58 PM Re: Adventure Gaming - Lonely? [Re: Carrie]
gamenut Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 02/08/00
Posts: 1688
Loc: Hiding Under a Rock
i buy all my games now online...hard for me to get around and also selection better online. But i used to go and not unusual to get a couple if they were good ones...did get some looks sometimes! haha. yes...i finally got a bit more comfortable w/the ''chat'' in URU and will miss those i chatted with on regular basis....(ones that are not HERE that is!!!). It does seem like meeting other adventure gamers in our cities or neighborhoods is unusual---that is why i am so glad for this site!!

#284847 - 02/25/08 11:04 AM Re: Adventure Gaming - Lonely? [Re: gamenut]
Phoebe Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 12/17/07
Posts: 1541
Loc: Brazil
I dont have friends that like or have interest in adventure games, and everybody that i tell about adventure games dont really know what adventure games are. The people in generally speaking has most preference for games that not have think very much.

Edited by Phoebe (02/25/08 11:04 AM)
Yes,though i go through the valley of deep shade,i will have no fear of evil;for you are with me, your rod and your support are my comfort. Salmo23:4

#284898 - 02/25/08 12:35 PM Re: Adventure Gaming - Lonely? [Re: Phoebe]
Mary Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 11/02/99
Posts: 3669
Loc: New York
I know of no one who plays adventure games, or even knows what an adventure game is! Which is okay, since I like playing alone anyhow. But it sure would be nice to have someone to chat with (outside of GameBoomers, of course!).
The answer is....chocolate! Who cares what the question is.....

#284925 - 02/25/08 12:59 PM Re: Adventure Gaming - Lonely? [Re: Mary]
teresa Offline
Settled Boomer

Registered: 11/24/03
Posts: 541
Loc: Ontario, Canada
I have found recently there are more and more people interested in the concept of adventure games. I hear many parents saying to kids "youre not having that its too violent" So I think people are coming around. I was browsing the other day and a young man about 18 saw what I was looking at and asked me about them. I told him, and he ended up buying, a couple of days later I saw him again and he said he had never realized that these games existed and was now going to play these games only. I also was telling my Dr about playing (Im 72) and he said this was wonderful, keeps brain in gear and hands working. There are many benefits we dont realize. So Rock on boomers!!!!!

I posted and then had another thought. I mainly like playing the games and being on boomers because I can ask any question and not feel like an idiot, you all share my interest and dont consider ANY QUESTION stupid or crazy. I usually get an answer and can move on.

When you are a senior and you do something wrong you are old and stupid, when you you do something right you are wise and experienced.

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