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#843728 - 10/21/12 01:02 AM Sunday's Best
gymcandy1 Offline
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 04/24/05
Posts: 32194
Loc: Calera, Oklahoma
"Playing dead not only comes in handy when face to face with a bear, but also at important business meetings."
Jack Handey
I wonder why they don't have an image of Jack Handy at Quote World.

I think he's very camra shy.

A local United Way office realized that the organization had never received a donation from the town's most successful lawyer. The person in charge of contributions called him to persuade him to contribute.

"Our research shows that out of a yearly income of at least $500,000, you give not a penny to charity. Wouldn't you like to give back to the community in some way?"

The lawyer mulled this over for a moment and replied, "First, did your research also show that my mother is dying after a long illness, and has medical bills that are several times her annual income?"

Embarrassed, the United Way rep mumbled, "Um ... no."

The lawyer interrupts, "or that my brother, a disabled veteran, is blind and confined to a wheelchair?"

The stricken United Way rep began to stammer out an apology, but was interrupted again.

"or that my sister's husband died in a traffic accident," the lawyer's voice rising in indignation, "leaving her penniless with three children?!"

The humiliated United Way rep, completely beaten, said simply, "I had no idea..."

On a roll, the lawyer cut him off once again, "So if I don't give any money to them, why should I give any to you?"

The plumber presented his customer, a lawyer, with a bill charging rates of $500 an hour. The lawyer was outraged, saying "I don't even make that kind of money - doesn't that seem a bit steep?" The plumber replied, "That's what I thought, when I was a lawyer."

Any time a lawyer is seen and not heard, it's a shame to wake him.

Changing lawyers is like moving to a different deck chair on the Titanic.

Having lawyers make laws is like having doctors make diseases.

A lawyer's job is secure - who would build a robot to do nothing?

There's a true story about a convicted con man who was recently found to be impersonating a lawyer in New York City. To which the judge remarked, "I should have suspected he wasn't a lawyer. He was always so punctual and polite."

Children who never come when called will grow up to be doctors. Children who come before they are called will grow up to be lawyers.

Good morning everyboomie. wave

I think that's enough lawyer jokes..........for one day.

Wouldn't want anyone to think I was picking on lawyers. razz

Let's see, what day is this? Oh yes, the day after yesterday.

Has it been a week already?? shocked

The best thing about today, I think, is that it's the day before tomorrow, and tomorrow, in case you don't know, is Monday.

I'm happy about that, I guess, because................ headscratch................I have no idea why I’m happy about that.

Maybe it’s because I love the Turtles.

Because if I’m happy about it, then you’ll be happy about it, and then we’ll all be Happy Together.

I kill me. snicker

Have a happy day together everyone.

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.

William Butler Yeats

#843731 - 10/21/12 02:13 AM Re: Sunday's Best [Re: gymcandy1]
Darlene Online   content
Adept Boomer

Registered: 02/10/00
Posts: 10371
Loc: Southern California
wave Howdy ho, sweet Joe! Thanks for the openers! Hope your Sunday is truly the best!

Good morning, sweet 'Boomies! It's Solookingforwardtoanothereasypeasyrockandrollingdodgeandweavingmoveandgroovingsuperduperoompalooma Sunday's Best!

Late Saturday evening for me....

Been such a lovely, slug day. Soooooo what the doctor ordered. smile

Church in the morning, then back to slugging. It's all good, yes? smile


To all abed, sleep To all awake, woot
Woohoo and booyah! smile Have an easy peasy day!

#843732 - 10/21/12 03:05 AM Re: Sunday's Best [Re: gymcandy1]
Haroula Offline
Adept Boomer

Registered: 06/02/10
Posts: 10027
Loc: Greece
Good morning everyone,have all a
nice Sunday smile wave
I change all my passwords to "incorrect". So whenever I forget, it says, "your password is incorrect".

#843738 - 10/21/12 03:48 AM Re: Sunday's Best [Re: Haroula]
cailyn Offline
BAAG Specialist

Registered: 01/08/06
Posts: 6145
Loc: Somewhere ? in Massachusetts?
Good morning Joe,Darlene,Haroula waveI'm putting the coffee on for who ever needs some,hope you all have a peaceful day!! puppy
I may not have gone where I intended to go,but I think I have ended up where I need to be.


#843741 - 10/21/12 05:03 AM Re: Sunday's Best [Re: gymcandy1]
venus Offline
Staff Reviewer
BAAG Specialist

Registered: 03/07/09
Posts: 7732
Loc: Arcadia (twin world of Stark)
Hello and goodbye. wave

Have a great Sunday, everyone. cat
Interrogator: [True or false?] All mangoes are golden. Nothing golden is cheap. Conclusion - all mangoes are cheap.

Helena: Where are these mangoes?

#843742 - 10/21/12 05:09 AM Re: Sunday's Best [Re: gymcandy1]
Kaki's Sister Offline
True Blue Boomer

Registered: 11/21/04
Posts: 22792
Loc: Marlborough USA
summer Good Morning Joe, Darlene, Haroula, Cailyn and venus. Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday! summer

#843748 - 10/21/12 05:57 AM Re: Sunday's Best [Re: gymcandy1]
Midge Offline
Graduate Boomer

Registered: 04/30/00
Posts: 15613
Loc: Massachusetts
Good morning. it's dark out there. Haley's comet is supposed to fly by in the east, I've been looking but all I see is alot of stars. Oh well.

Thanks Joe for your openers. Hi Darlene. Have a great slug Sunday. I'm working this morning, then church, then back to work later on today. Morning Haroula, Sue, venus, Gerry, and everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.
Midgie hearts
Just do it.

#843750 - 10/21/12 06:28 AM Re: Sunday's Best [Re: gymcandy1]
GBC Offline
Graduate Boomer

Registered: 07/06/07
Posts: 18262
Loc: Massachusetts
Good Morning Boomers

Joe, have a great day!

Darlene, slugging is good.

Haroula, happy day to you!

Cailyn, I need coffee. Please and thank you.

Venus, good morning.

Gerry, wishing you a relaxing Sunday also.

Midgie, wishing you an easy work and a relaxing in between.

Church this morning. Birthday party later this afternoon.

#843755 - 10/21/12 08:29 AM Re: Sunday's Best [Re: gymcandy1]
Space Quest Fan Offline
Graduate Boomer

Registered: 02/17/01
Posts: 15321
Loc: Upper Arlington, Ohio
Good morning everyone wave

It is cold here eek
It's nice to be important but it is much more important to be nice.

#843764 - 10/21/12 09:28 AM Re: Sunday's Best [Re: gymcandy1]
soot Offline
Puzzled Moderator
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 04/16/05
Posts: 27730
Loc: Usually up an Alabama Tree
Good Sunday morning Joe Darlene Haroula Sue Venus Gerry Midge Gail and SQF! I believe L4L and I are going to take the day off. We had plans for the zoo with the grand boys and Dad but oldest is sick and that wouldn't be fun. So will enjoy time with WOM, gardening and my whale music laugh

Have a wonderful day everyone!! wave
To learn, read...To know, write...To master, teach...To live, play games & listen to whale music

#843781 - 10/21/12 10:22 AM Re: Sunday's Best [Re: soot]
manxman Online   content
True Blue Boomer

Registered: 07/23/02
Posts: 21398
Loc: Unionville
Good morning everyone. Hope you all have a happy and restful Sunday wave
Sometimes lost is where you need to be. Just because you don't know your direction doesn't mean you don't have one.

#843793 - 10/21/12 11:31 AM Re: Sunday's Best [Re: gymcandy1]
looney4labs Offline
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 04/05/04
Posts: 47571
Loc: Alabama
Super Sunday ya'll puppy

We are having a family down day. Our biggest challenge will be keeping the dogs from eating the food that son brings down to the den for the kids who are supposed to be eating in the kitchen at the island. rolleyes

It sounds like many of you have busy days planned though. I'm still feeling awfully sleepy. If my next cup of coffee doesn't jump start my body, I'm going back to bed. wave
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
-Roger Caras

#843797 - 10/21/12 11:38 AM Re: Sunday's Best [Re: gymcandy1]
Sorta Blonde Online   content
BAAG Specialist

Registered: 11/29/04
Posts: 9562
Loc: San Diego, CA
Happy wet Sunday to all. It started raining late yesterday. Wheeee. Weatherman was right for a change. Just dripping now. All outdoorsies present and accounted for even if they are a bit damp.

Leg (was not working right yesterday) seems to have recovered. Still a little spasm on inner side but at least I can move it. Geez. That was weird. I'm thinking that the way I was lying on my side on my OLD couch must have crimped a nerve. Gonna try it again today and 'prove' my theory. Hate all those nerves and bulging discs. For sure gonna make a doc appointment.

Two houses across and down the street, which usually have tons of cars and lots of people going in and out are very suspicious yesterday and today. BOTH had NO cars or people around from early Saturday until at 11 pm, one car showed up and one light went on in one house. Other house, nada. So this morning, other house has the usual cars there and saw the guy, but the other, all cars still missing (there are usually 5 or 6) and the one who came in last night and turned on the light is also gone again. Wondering what is going on when for months (since they moved in) it's been constant cars and people and most with babies or toddlers. We think they run a day care, no signs, people come and go at all hours and some only stay for a very short time. Strange indeed. Something weird about that crew. sherlock But now, nothing happening, no cars, no kids. I'm thinking perhaps one or more got caught up in a 'drug bust' that the police had on Friday? Rounded up about 75 in a year long sting operation. Could be they are all in hiding. We shall see. Just too much traffic over there from day one.

Off for a walk in the rain. Should be fun. Gonna check up on those huge machines that are there for tomorrow's big asphalt chopping extravaganza.
WARNING! This person is extremely blonde...please type SLOWLY.

#843808 - 10/21/12 12:25 PM Re: Sunday's Best [Re: Sorta Blonde]
gymcandy1 Offline
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 04/24/05
Posts: 32194
Loc: Calera, Oklahoma
Good morning everybody................barely. wave

I've been sippin & surfing. Did a few dishes. Now I've gotta get over to Mom's and visit my brother some more. happydance

I hope everyone has a fantastic day. yes

See ya later. yay

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.

William Butler Yeats

#843814 - 10/21/12 01:43 PM Re: Sunday's Best [Re: gymcandy1]
Lotus777 Offline
Addicted Boomer

Registered: 03/12/06
Posts: 3281
Loc: Oregon
Good Morning Boomies. It is a busy life around here but maybe slowing down just a bit. It is cold and wet here today, a perfect day for gaming but I? alas will be peeling and coring apples, haha. I will either dehydrate or freeze them. Hope everyone has a cozy, toasty warm day and Happy Gaming!!! wave Edit....Where is Ana??

Edited by Lotus777 (10/21/12 01:44 PM)
Life is like a hot bath. It feels good while you’re in it, but the longer you stay in, the more wrinkled you get.

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