It's been a busy day. Went to thrift store and when they brought out the latest 'cart' of stuff (we all follow and grab what we can) I was standing right next to it. Some crazy lady DOVE in front of me at my feet and started loading her arms with some lovely looking china. By the time she was done, she had about 30 or 40 plates stacked on her arms and hands. I STRONGLY resisted the urge to kick her (she actually pushed me away to get to the 'stuff'). Very very rude people sometimes. I wasn't going to fight her for rights to what I was actually reaching for as she dove and grabbed.

This was about 11 am. Store opens at 10 am and her cart was already full at 11. So I decided to go back at 2:00. She was STILL THERE! Her cart now had most of a set of 12 china pieces. She waited to get more pieces since they seem to put out parts of things all day and throughout the week. Nothing seems to be in 'sets'. So I followed her around, hoping to make her feel nervous, but she was so absorbed in her 'grabbing' that I don't think she noticed. When I left at 2:45 pm she was STILL there. Geez! The phrase 'get a life' comes to mind. I'm guessing she has a store or ebay store to sell the things she was collecting. Lots of beanie babies, and little ceramic stuff among her haul. Hope I never see her again or the devil in me might just make me do something I wouldn't be proud of...then again, it sure would make me feel good! devil
WARNING! This person is extremely blonde...please type SLOWLY.