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#911017 - 08/30/13 11:43 PM Saturdiner
gymcandy1 Offline
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 04/24/05
Posts: 32160
Loc: Calera, Oklahoma
Somewhere on this globe, every ten seconds, there is a woman giving birth to a child. She must be found and stopped.
Sam Levenson (1911 - 1980)

Subject....Health Food

With today's adults looking for a healthier lifestyle,
food and stress are very important to them.

We will look first at what food can be added to our
diet that will help relieve stress.

The food in question, is chocolate. This overlooked
food is considered unhealthy, but let's take a look.

Chocolate is made from sugar and cocoa beans with
the bean known as a vegetable.

Sugar is derived mainly from sugar cane, this would
also be in the vegetable category, thus classifying all
chocolate as a vegetable.

Chocolate-covered raisins, cherries, orange slices and
strawberries all count as fruit, and as you well know,
you are encouraged to eat as much fruit as you want!

To take this one step further, milk chocolate contains
milk, which is dairy, therefore, chocolate, in any form,
should be considered a health food.

so remember...STRESSED spelled backward is............. DESSERTS.

The City Health Inspector walks into a new restaurant unannounced and takes a seat to where he can see the kitchen. While he is sitting there, an order goes back for a pizza. The chef appears and the Health Inspector nearly chokes when he see that he is not wearing a shirt. The chef then proceeded to grab a lump of pizza dough and press it out flat on his bare chest.
Appalled, the Health Inspector had barely finished writing up this infraction when an order came back for a hamburger. The cook proceeded to grab a handful of ground meat and pressed it into a perfect patty in his armpit. Shocked and bewildered, the Health Inspector called for the manager and explained the gravity of the deplorable conditions he had seen.

"That's nothing," said the manager, "you should come back at five in the morning when he makes the donuts!"

An elderly gentleman had serious hearing problems for a number of years. He went to the doctor and the doctor was able to have him fitted for a set of hearing aids that allowed the gentleman to hear 100%.

The elderly gentleman went back in a month to the doctor and the doctor said, "Your hearing is perfect. Your family must be really pleased that you can hear again."

The gentleman replied, "Oh, I haven't told my family yet. I just sit around and listen to the conversations. I've changed my will three times!"

There are three men in the woods. they are hunter, trapper, and stupid
guy. Hunter goes out and comes back an hour later with a bear. Trapper asks
"how did you get that?" Hunter says me find tracks, me follow tracks, me find
bear, me shoot bear, bear stop."
Trapper goes out and comes back an hour later with a deer. Stupid guy
asks "how did you get that?" Trapper says" me find tracks, me follow tracks,
me find deer, me shoot dear, dear stop."
Stupid guy goes out and comes back two hours later bruised and nearly
dead with broken limbs. Hunter and trapper ask "What happened to you?"
stupid guy says "me find tracks, me follow tracks, me find train, me shoot
train, train don't stop."

Three older ladies were discussing the travails of getting older. One said,
"Sometimes I catch myself with a jar of mayonnaise in my hand in front of
the refrigerator and can't remember whether I need to put it away, or start
making a sandwich."

The second lady chimed in, "Yes, some times I find myself on the landing
of the stairs and can't remember whether I was on my way up or on my way

The third one responded, " Well, I'm glad I don't have that problem; knock
on wood," as she rapped her knuckles on the table, then told them "That's
the door, I'll get it!"

It's the middle of summer and a Highway Patrolman pulls over a motorist
for speeding. While he's writing the ticket, flies keep buzzing around
his head, annoying him considerably.

"Circle flies sure are bad this year, aren't they?" says the motorist.

"Yeah," says the patrolman, "if that's what these are, you're sure
right. But I've never heard of a circle fly before. What's that?"

"Well," the motorist responds, "circle flies are a species of fly that
are particularly partial to horses. Specifically, they tend to circle
around a horse's rear end. That's why they call 'em circle flies."

The patrolman, catching the implication, replies, "You don't say. Well,
that's very interesting. But it strikes me that you might be trying to
call me a horse's ass. You wouldn't be making that kind of implication
about an officer of the law, would you?"

"Oh, no sir!" responds the motorist. "No, sir, not at all. I have the
utmost respect for law enforcement officers, and would never dream of
implying that one of them was a horse's ass. No, sir, I'm terribly
sorry if that's how it sounded."

"Yeah, I didn't think so," replied the patrolman.

"Yeah," the motorist continued, "but there's just no fooling those
circle flies, is there?"

Good morning Gameboomers. welcome

Welcome to the weekend! thumbsup

I'm famished this morning....... think......because I worked on this diner all night. snicker

Well, I must have cooked all night because I have all kinds of food. Fried eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, with bacon, sausage, ham, or steak. I have biscuits and gravy, and I have waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. I also have pancakes of the blueberry persuasion for Midgie Poo, and you too if you like.

Come on in and bring your appetites. happydance

I'm celebrating because yesterday I was, and today I'm not.

Yesterday I was on a diet, and today I'm not. WOO HOO! broccoli

No more celery. shame

No no, yesterday I was working, and today I'm not, of course. lol

I'm also celebrating because yesterday I was, and today I am too.

Yesterday I was late getting up, and believe you me I will be late getting up today.

Y'all have a happy day, ya hear?


Edited by gymcandy1 (08/30/13 11:57 PM)
There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.

William Butler Yeats

#911020 - 08/31/13 12:04 AM Re: Saturdiner [Re: gymcandy1]
BrownEyedTigre Offline
The Sassy Administrator PR Liaison
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 01/04/04
Posts: 75197
Loc: In the Naughty Corner
Thanks for making me hungry Joe! rotfl That's quite a spread you put out! I hope you can sleep in with no interruptions and enjoy your day. Give Pepper and Baby a hug from me too.

I will see the light at some point and I promised my puppies a run. I feel bad when I can't get them out.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
Don't feed the Trolls

#911024 - 08/31/13 02:44 AM Re: Saturdiner [Re: gymcandy1]
Haroula Offline
Adept Boomer

Registered: 06/02/10
Posts: 10027
Loc: Greece
Good morning Joe,Ana and all who come in later. wave
Have a very nice day. happydance summer
I change all my passwords to "incorrect". So whenever I forget, it says, "your password is incorrect".

#911025 - 08/31/13 03:29 AM Re: Saturdiner [Re: gymcandy1]
Kaki's Sister Offline
True Blue Boomer

Registered: 11/21/04
Posts: 22735
Loc: Marlborough USA
Good Morning Joe, Ana and Haroula. Joe I'm ready for a little of everything! Yummy! Ana i do hope you get to take the dogs for a run. Sounds like you need it too! Haroula enjoy your day. Wishing all GB a great one! wave

#911031 - 08/31/13 06:34 AM Re: Saturdiner [Re: gymcandy1]
connie Offline
Adept Boomer

Registered: 07/12/02
Posts: 10215
Loc: winter springs fl.
Good morning everyone. Today I will clean up the porch from yesterday's roof work and get ready for our Bar B Q tomorrow. To all here and all who follow, have a Wonderful Saturday. Danish, Cinnamon Buns, and Apple Turnovers, to go with Joe's spread. summer

#911032 - 08/31/13 06:51 AM Re: Saturdiner [Re: gymcandy1]
GBC Offline
Graduate Boomer

Registered: 07/06/07
Posts: 18262
Loc: Massachusetts
Good Morning Boomers

Joe, I'll throw in the coffee to go with the breakfast.

Ana, have a great day. Hope you get the pups out for their run.

Haroula, good day.

Gerry, enjoy whatever your plans.

Connie, have fun cleaning the porch and the upcoming BQ.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. catrub

#911037 - 08/31/13 07:27 AM Re: Saturdiner [Re: gymcandy1]
Midge Offline
Graduate Boomer

Registered: 04/30/00
Posts: 15609
Loc: Massachusetts
Oooh Sir Joe, thank you for my BB pancakes. I love you!! kissy Morning Ana, Haroula, Gerry, Connie, Gail, and everyone who comes in for breakfast at Joe's Diner. Have a great Saturday. I'm working all holiday weekend.

Midgie Poo rotfl hearts
Just do it.

#911038 - 08/31/13 08:38 AM Re: Saturdiner [Re: gymcandy1]
soot Offline
Puzzled Moderator
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 04/16/05
Posts: 27552
Loc: Usually up an Alabama Tree
Good morning Joe Ana Haroula Gerry Connie Gail Midge and the rest of you when your up and at em!

Wow, are we set for today or what? Why with Joe's spread and Connie's sides we will be set until dinner tonight yes

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone .. be safe in all your pursuits!

To learn, read...To know, write...To master, teach...To live, play games & listen to whale music

#911047 - 08/31/13 09:56 AM Re: Saturdiner [Re: soot]
Space Quest Fan Offline
Graduate Boomer

Registered: 02/17/01
Posts: 15321
Loc: Upper Arlington, Ohio
Good morning everyone. wave
It's nice to be important but it is much more important to be nice.

#911057 - 08/31/13 10:40 AM Re: Saturdiner [Re: gymcandy1]
looney4labs Offline
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 04/05/04
Posts: 47529
Loc: Alabama
Super Saturday ya'll puppy

Wow, I woke up early achy achy achy! I don't know why I'm aching like this, but I feel like someone beat me with a baseball bat last night while I was sleeping. <sad>

No time to be achy though. House cleaning must happen. Daughter will be here tomorrow. Boys are here and dad is at work. Soot will go out (most likely taking boys) to get groceries and do errands in a bit and I'll stay and clean. He usually does that on the way home, but when he called last night I was in a bit of distress, so he beat feet home to help. I don't call him my KISA for nothing.

Boys will help with the cleaning for a while and then I'll let them play Wii. Our policy has always been "If you live here, you join in cleaning day." They really don't mind that though. Per filled the dog water up for me first thing.

We are back to hot and humid. Really enjoyed that touch of cool we had last week but it makes the humidity feel so much worse when it comes back.

Back in a bit.....wave

edit: Midgy, Joe Froggers are a molasses, rum, ginger cookie. They are really big, so they are named after the restaurant that first served them and the lily pads they are said to resemble. Sadly, they are not gf, however....after I cook thses (can sit in the frig for 3 days if necessary before baking), and if I like them, I'll try them with GF flour and let you know.

Time to clean

Edited by looney4labs (08/31/13 10:46 AM)
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
-Roger Caras

#911062 - 08/31/13 11:19 AM Re: Saturdiner [Re: gymcandy1]
manxman Offline
True Blue Boomer

Registered: 07/23/02
Posts: 21236
Loc: Unionville
Good morning all. Hope everyone has a super saturday wave
Sometimes lost is where you need to be. Just because you don't know your direction doesn't mean you don't have one.

#911066 - 08/31/13 12:08 PM Re: Saturdiner [Re: gymcandy1]
BrownEyedTigre Offline
The Sassy Administrator PR Liaison
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 01/04/04
Posts: 75197
Loc: In the Naughty Corner
I want to be a weatherman when I grow up. grin It has been storming since zero dark thirty and it doesn't seem to want to go away. On the plus side, we got a ton of rain between last nights deluge and this mornings which we really needed. It was supposed to be sunny and lovely today.

The only bad part is it wreaks havoc on my poor head.

When the rain stops, I will take the dogs for a slippery muddy on the hills by the river. Maybe some arrowheads will be uncovered today. yay

I hope you all have a fantastic day. Back to the corner for now...
Don't feed the Trolls

#911068 - 08/31/13 12:26 PM Re: Saturdiner [Re: BrownEyedTigre]
Darlene Offline
Adept Boomer

Registered: 02/10/00
Posts: 10366
Loc: Southern California
wave Howdy ho, sweet Joe! Thanks for the openers! Hope you have a great, chillaxin' day!

Good morning, sweet 'Boomies!

Alrighty, gotta skoosh! See you later!
Woohoo and booyah! smile Have an easy peasy day!

#911072 - 08/31/13 12:49 PM Re: Saturdiner [Re: gymcandy1]
auntiegram Offline
Adept Boomer

Registered: 06/10/06
Posts: 14623
Loc: northern Wisconsin
Joe thanks for the spread and the laughs!! Enjoy the day!

Ana hope the light shines sooner then later for ya. May the rain stop and you have a safe hike in the slippery mud!!

Midge may work be fun!!!

Space enjoy the long weekend.

Haroula have a lovely day!

Gerry have a lovely day!

Gail hope the weather is nice for a walk. Have a lovely day!

Connie happy cleaning!! Have a lovely day and thanks for the danish!

Manxman have a lovely day!

Darlene happy skoooshing. You working today???? May all go smoothly!!

Soot and L4l have a lovely weekend and a safe one too. Prayers for the Band around daughter as she travels!!!


#911073 - 08/31/13 12:53 PM Re: Saturdiner [Re: gymcandy1]
BrownEyedTigre Offline
The Sassy Administrator PR Liaison
Sonic Boomer

Registered: 01/04/04
Posts: 75197
Loc: In the Naughty Corner
Nan, what's on your agenda for the day? Still waiting for the rain to move out and the sun to shine. grin
Don't feed the Trolls

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