I have a group of games I would like to sell together.

Discworld 1 - in paper sleeve, very good condition

Discworld 2 - in Jewel case with instruction manual, very good condition

Harvester - in chubby jewel case w/manual, excellent condition

Morpheus - chubby jewel case w/manual, excellent condition but the jewel case does have a crack in it but the discs themselves are in excellent condition.

Laura Bow The Dagger of Amon Ra - Jewel case w/Manual excellent condition.

The Riddle of Master Lu - CD case has a crack but the cd is in excellent condition

Adding also The Last express - Big box w/manual Box - is a little tattered but not to bad but the discs are in excellent condition.

These are all older Dos or Win. 95 games so could be a challenge to run.

Im was asking $50.00 for all of them which would include shipping in the U.S.- am changing to $40.00 for all or $20.00 for Discworld 1 and 2

If anyone is interested post here first then message me as per GB rules.

Thanks for looking.

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