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Thank you, GreyFuss!

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Once again, excellent game Mikael and what great camera work. Your photography skills are getting even better. One picture of note is in this shot... a little mirrored trickery? I can't figure out how you did it. BTW: the remodeled bathroom looks great wink

It's a combination of these two images. The mirror section from the right one was pasted in to the left image, and then tweaked a bit in PhotoShop. The camera in the left picture is set on self-timer, in case someone wonders. I wanted to have som much free space as possible in the mirror.

Thanks Mikael

I had thought it was cropping out the inside of the mirror area and replaced with a picture of the back wall but what really fooled me was that the reflections of the sink and toiletries were still visible. You can't even tell that it was photo shopped. Excellent job and one that must have took a bit of doing. The home has gone through quite the transformation since Carol moved in 10 years ago. From the remodeling that we always see at the beginning Tutorial to the new bathroom. Whats next?
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