Has anyone played Treasure Mole? It's a PC game I found among a large collection of other games. It features a tiny mole that you move around the screen using the cursor keys. The mole's objective is to collect a specific number of gold nuggets and kill various "monsters" on each level. In addition to moving around the screen you also have various weapons at your disposal. including rockets, grenades, bombs, and TNT. On the third "normal" level of the game there are many gold nuggets to collect, three skull critters to kill and another 12 or so monsters that move around within impregnable stone chambers. I have recently completed collecting all of the gold nuggets and killing the three skull critters but cannot find any way to open the stone chambers and kill the remaining 12 monsters. I've tried using the existing weapons on the stones but nothing works. Does anyone know how to crack open the stone chambers, kill the remaining monsters and finish the level? By the way, it's been quite a while since I last posted in the GameBoomers Forum. Thanks in advance for your help.