rhem 4

Posted by: kenaba

rhem 4 - 10/03/12 06:57 AM

need a saved game after solving three hand clock puzzle please
Posted by: Rushes

Re: rhem 4 - 10/03/12 12:04 PM

Hi kenaba,

I don't have any saves of my own for this game, but there is a save pack HERE that you could download and see if one is near the spot where you need. Otherwise let's wait and see if anyone here has a labelled save to send you. luck
Posted by: Newgames

Re: rhem 4 - 10/03/12 01:14 PM


I just wanted to let you know there is a video walkthrough on YouTube that helps alot. It goes with the walkthrough from MaGtRo.

Posted by: MaG

Re: rhem 4 - 10/03/12 01:37 PM

Just in case, you still need it - I sent you a saved game. luck

Thanks, Rushes and Newgames.
Posted by: kenaba

Re: rhem 4 - 10/04/12 02:59 AM

Thanks you all for your imput and thanks to mag for the saved game.My game is in c: program files rhem 4 data. Depot has vers then a notepad file with a number 1 inside The data folder has pa 01 dxr to pa 17dxr dated july 2010 all notepad files None of mine dated 2012. I deleted all my saves bar three save 21 22 and 23 then saved again save 24. Rebooted the comp and went back to the data file no change no save 21 22 or 24 so where are my saves not in depot I have windows 7 home premium
Posted by: MaG

Re: rhem 4 - 10/04/12 08:46 AM


I do not know where the saved game files are located in win7. Maybe someone else can tell us.
Posted by: kenaba

Re: rhem 4 - 10/09/12 05:12 AM

Hi mag managed to do the clock puzzle without the save as still can't find the folder in windows 7 im'e at the portrait puzzle now and may need a save can you help find the folder
Posted by: MaG

Re: rhem 4 - 10/10/12 08:01 PM


Can you do a search and see if it is in Program Files and then Rhem4 or search in Users-computer name- Rhem4. luck