5 Cores Issue

Posted by: hometime

5 Cores Issue - 10/17/12 11:42 AM

I bought the 5 Cores game right after it came out and started playing. I went first to the area where you set the magnifying glass and successfully solved the level. Next I went to the underground area but got stuck. First, it seems the book in the house with the four marks should have multiple pages, but there are only the two that the book is open to and no others, so I cannot solve this level (though I guess I might be able to just enter the settings found in the walkthrough). And, my next issue is that it seems I am in the last level and finishing this level the game just ends. Is there a way back to the other levels if I solve this level?
And is there a fix for the pages in the book?

Posted by: Chief

Re: 5 Cores Issue - 10/17/12 01:04 PM

Hello hometime and welcome to GameBoomers.

There is a Patch at the Neebla Games site.

I don't think that it corrects what you need.

With or without the WT, you can finish the underground area and touching the core will bring you back to where the game started. At least that's what it does when doing the underground last. When you have all the Cores, you go back to the dome where the girl is to finish the game.

I remember at one point that the writer (Bert Jamin) of the WT did rewrite it to use the sequence given by the present WT.

Now, when you come back from the underground and do the other areas (if you can), will it permit you to finish the game, I do not know.

You could contact Bert with his e-mail address on top of his WT.


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Posted by: Rushes

Re: 5 Cores Issue - 10/17/12 02:17 PM

Thanks, Chief!

welcome to GameBoomers, hometime.
Posted by: Imari

Re: 5 Cores Issue - 10/17/12 04:43 PM

This looks like a game that I'd really like, but when trying out the demo, the "use" cursor (the little orange hand) kept disappearing, yet clicking still caused the action to occur. It was disconcerting. Has anyone else had this problem and does the patch fix it in the purchased game?

I was also stuck at the base of the tower's hill in a dark cube. Clicking raised and lowered a lever, but the orange hand was not evident and I had to give up as I was uable to exit the room.

On the fence about this one...
Posted by: The Haze

Re: 5 Cores Issue - 10/17/12 06:15 PM

Imari, the 'use' cursor appears only at times when there is something to 'use.' All the movement is keyboard controlled. I loved the game, but had to learn that the 'use' area was often bigger than it needed to be and I was never to 'left click' until I was sure I wanted to.

The patch doesn't fix it because it's not a flaw. The cursor appears and disappears on purpose.