The Crystal Skull

Posted by: GemmaJessie2

The Crystal Skull - 10/19/12 07:35 PM

Hi: have windows 7 and am going to play Crystal Skull have a cd with saves from 2007 how do I access these saves after I installed the game. Thanks. gja
Posted by: MaG

Re: The Crystal Skull - 10/19/12 08:07 PM

Hope that game works in win7. luck

Play the installed game.
Make a save.
Then look for where the saved game folder is located.
Open that folder.
Add the old saves into that folder.

Take note:
- If the saves are numbered - you have to renumber your saves to be sequential and no duplicates.
- If the saves are by dates, they you're good to go; that is if win7 plays the game.
Posted by: GemmaJessie2

Re: The Crystal Skull - 10/19/12 10:39 PM

thanks had trouble loading the game so don't know yet. gja
Posted by: MaG

Re: The Crystal Skull - 10/20/12 10:30 PM

luck Even when the game was new; there were problems loading it. So it might be difficult to get it working in win7.

Best to post at Glitches forum.