secret files 3

Posted by: stephen

secret files 3 - 10/24/12 07:42 PM

Im having problems tipping St paul's statue over to the window..i click on left and right everytime the statue tilts alittle but it doesnt respond to my clicks..
Posted by: MaG

Re: secret files 3 - 10/24/12 09:24 PM

Wait to click on the opposite side when the it tilts to the max on other side.
This will then tilt to the side you click on.
Time the clicks. luck
Posted by: stephen

Re: secret files 3 - 10/24/12 09:31 PM

thats what ive been doing but the statue stops and i have to click it more than once..for each side..
Posted by: MaG

Re: secret files 3 - 10/24/12 09:46 PM

Yes, I have done that also. I do have the tendency to double click or triple click.
Try to swing it as close to the right side. It will take several swings.

My saves here are not labeled.
I can send you several and you can check if one of them works for you.