Captain Morgane Chapter 6

Posted by: Kolby

Captain Morgane Chapter 6 - 10/25/12 09:30 AM

I'm playing Captain Morgane, and I'm stuck in chapter 6.

I have found the golden turtle rod, and returned to ship. When I try to leave the ship, she tells me to go to my cabin for inspiration, but nothing happened in the cabin, and I can't do anything there.
When I try to use the fly on Alessandro's cabin, I'm also told to go to my cabin.

Can anyone help?
Posted by: Becky

Re: Captain Morgane Chapter 6 - 10/25/12 09:48 AM

Hi Kolby -- there's a video walkthrough of chapter 6 here.

In general, there are many invisible triggers in this game, and if you're stuck, try talking again to everyone. Sometimes hotspots appear that weren't there before -- I'd check for possible new hotspots everywhere on the ship that the game will allow you to go.