Black Mirror 2

Posted by: deleterman

Black Mirror 2 - 10/27/12 11:16 PM

Hi all, just hit a bump in the road.ok this is the deal i just gave Eddy his cane got the projector and went back home to develop the film in the bathroom but can't get in..i think i have every thing needed ... but only have 1 bowl. could that keep me from going in the bathroom ?if so how do i get the other bowl ? the bowl i have i got from the back of Fuller's his dog bowl. any thought on this?? crazy send help soon.please. happydance
Posted by: Rushes

Re: Black Mirror 2 - 10/28/12 10:01 AM

Hi deleterman,

The second bowl is in one of Darren's mother's kitchen cupboards. luck
Posted by: deleterman

Re: Black Mirror 2 - 10/28/12 10:45 AM

Thank you so much,cupboard i should have remembered.thanks again.H.B.
Posted by: Rushes

Re: Black Mirror 2 - 10/28/12 11:09 AM

You're welcome. Enjoy the game!