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Sherlock - 11/09/12 10:11 AM

Seriously? A maze? In 2012? Frustrating. Even after watching a video walkthrough I'm non the wiser. I HATE these things. I thought they'd died a death in adventure games - they should have. Perhaps this is Frogwares attempt at "re-imagining" them:-) Yuk, yuk and thrice yuk.

Ok, I forgot my question:-) Is there any way to skip this maze?
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It's a case of 4-5 rooms. lol It's a case of Toby the dog finding a way out.
I better edit since it's a misnomer.

I'm moving you to adventure game discussion.
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Well I've finally managed it. Don't know how. That was a shocker. I'm surprised noone else had the same problem. I hope I don't come back as a pigeon in my next life, I'll be useless:-)
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Re: Sherlock - 11/09/12 02:54 PM

This thread needs to be moved back to Hints forum now. lol

The Haunted House is the place where Holmes used the ladder to climb up to the window. So, it's the large building close-ish to the carousel.

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