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Sherlock - 11/09/12 02:49 PM

When I played Sherlock Holmes - Jack the Ripper game I have an absolute nightmare finding my way around. I didnt have much problem with this game until the fairground bit at the end for which, for some reason, they decided to turn off the map. Arghh! Anyhow, I'm right at the end and I'm supposed to go to the Haunted House to see the final cut - scene. Problem is I can't find it:-( I cant even remember if it's a location Ive already visited. Anyone give me a clue? Where it is, what's it look like, what objects are outside it to help me recognise/remember it.

Clearly Ive got my stupid head on today:-)
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Re: Sherlock - 11/09/12 02:55 PM

The Haunted House is the place where Holmes used the ladder to climb up to the window. So, it's the large building close-ish to the carousel.
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Re: Sherlock - 11/09/12 03:15 PM

Oh, it's the place with the maze in. Doh! Didnt realise that was the haunted house.

Well, all done now:-) Really lengthy game which makes a change after the likes of Yesterday.

Thanks for the help:-)
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Re: Sherlock - 11/09/12 03:20 PM

You're welcome. Hope you enjoyed it. smile
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Re: Sherlock - 11/09/12 03:23 PM

Oh I did. Think I'd give it A-. The best Ive played in a while and felt I'd got my moneys worth even if the price was a bit steep.