nd deadly device

Posted by: racingfox

nd deadly device - 11/10/12 02:24 PM

have trouble mixing formulas cant' get water click the cup on the sink and no water comes out what am i missing
Posted by: Rushes

Re: nd deadly device - 11/10/12 02:29 PM

Hi racingfox,

I haven't played the game, but from MaG's walkthrough it seems that the water might be in its own container -- marked H2O -- on the sink? Are there any such containers?
Posted by: racingfox

Re: nd deadly device - 11/10/12 02:42 PM

ive tried using it but when i try to pour it nothing comes out of the cup
Posted by: MaG

Re: nd deadly device - 11/10/12 03:16 PM

If you click it on the flask (to measure) it is blue colored - but it is poured. Continue and see. luck