Agatha Christie: And then there was none

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Agatha Christie: And then there was none - 11/10/12 05:21 PM

Playing Agatha Christie: And then there were nome. I am incredibly stuck! I have played this game before as a download ages ago.I am trying to replace all my downloaded games with discs.I remember getting stuck at about the same place but replayed the scene and passed okay.Unfortunately I cannot remember what I did to correct the problem. This time it seems to be worse, and I simply cannot get to the next point. It is the part where Patrick Narracott has to speak to the butler, then make glasses of apple juice and cider. He then goes to the shed talks to two other people. then goes to the front porch and talks to Emily Brent asks her to make a parachute gives her some stuff to do so, then he talks to Blore on the front steps. That ends the sequence. Then it is dinner time. When I play the game after I talk to the butler it swings right to dinner time! I don't get to ask about the parachute, which I need later, or speak to the people afore mentioned. Of course the game can't conclude without that scene. Is it a glitch? or am I just missing something? Please help if you can as I have played and replayed the scene. Gone back to earlier saves but all to no avail.
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Re: Agatha Christie: And then there was none - 11/10/12 05:40 PM

Hi Lozza,

The game isn't strictly linear in how things are played out in each chapter. Certain events can take place out of sequence from the walkthrough, but the end result should be the same. What happens after dinner? Where is Miss Brent and everyone else then?

Have you received the parachute plan from Lombard, and have you read it in Documents? Do you have the silk sheets and needles?

Is there anything else you can be doing from the chapter you are in, in the meantime? Perhaps that will move things along and then you'll be able to catch up with Miss Brent.
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Re: Agatha Christie: And then there was none - 11/10/12 05:51 PM

Here's a video walkthrough. Now sure how far into the game you are so cant say which particular episode is the one you want but you will be able to suss it out.
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Re: Agatha Christie: And then there was none - 11/10/12 07:22 PM

Thanks for your prompt reply. I have the sheets and the needles I have read the parachute plan. I have also tried to go to Miss Brent before the butler but it just says no time for idle chatter, or I have nothing to say. I have gone to the shed but no one is there. I feel something is missing. Either I haven't done something or the game jumps right to dinner. I know I can make the apple juice, also know I don't really need to, as with the honey and fingerprints. any time before I speak to Miss Brent in the parlour, and give Anderson the honey. But I thought that I had to do the "missing" things to trigger each scene? Miss Brent is in the parlour after dinner, when you can give her the apple juice. Anderson is in his room where you can give him the honey. I will try the video thingy, see how that goes.
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Re: Agatha Christie: And then there was none - 11/10/12 09:33 PM

Be sure that you read all documents; examine each inventory and get remarks about them and read the journal. Some of those gives clues and triggers.
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Re: Agatha Christie: And then there was none - 11/11/12 05:03 PM

Thank you. I watched the video on U Tube and yes she was at the same point as me, as I watched I thought I had it! I had not spoken to Anderson in the billiard room. I had to ask him to help fold the sheets. Well how embarasing was that! He just told me to toddle off and not bother him basically. Ha ha. I think I may have to start over to sort this. Just tought it may be a problem with the disc. Obviously more a problem with me.

I have re done the whole game from the start. Only one thing not right although the inventory was clear the notebook still had the last game's information. The game saves were also still in situ. I played the game as the walkthrough suggested and even redid the apple stuff and the honey gathering. The fingerprints too. Still could not get the doctor to help fold the sheets. The game did not go to dinner after I spoke to Rogers and I did find the two men at the woodshed. I asked automatically for Blore to help sew the sheets and he suggested Miss Brent to be a more likely person to ask. Wonderful. I went to the front of the house where she was knitting......also there was the two men from the woodshed and they started a conversation so I answered, when that finished .......the game went to dinner! Once again I did not get to talk to Miss Brent about the bloomin' parachute! According to the walkthrough I don't speak with the two men 'til after I speak to Miss Brent. They spoke to me. Will I ever get past this parachute bit? Do you know as I was reading my last epistle to you long suffering folk, it may have struck me what I did wrong this time! I walked round the house to get to Miss Brent, perhaps if I had gone through the house I would have come apon Miss Brent first? What'd you say?
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Re: Agatha Christie: And then there was none - 11/11/12 05:34 PM

Do you know how the parachute is to be made and what it needs to make one or why you need one?
Do you have the silk sheets and needles or know where the thread is located?

I don't think where you come from to get to the porch matters.

Please use the edit button.
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Re: Agatha Christie: And then there was none - 11/11/12 05:35 PM

The walkthrough shows just one way of playing each chapter of the game. That your game is different in that dinner is being called before you've spoken to Miss Brent shouldn't mean that there is a glitch -- but it's extremely difficult to tell what you have or haven't done. All I can suggest is that you do as MaG suggests above -- examine all items in your inventory and re-read all documents, every page. That can sometimes trigger new dialogues. Then go back against the walkthrough for the chapter you're in and see if there's anything *apart* from the Miss Brent fandango that you haven't done yet, and see if it's possible to do it.

If it's driving you too potty, then there are a whole heap of saved games HERE that cover the entire game.

luck and keep us posted!
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Re: Agatha Christie: And then there was none - 11/12/12 08:51 AM

Yes thank you all very much. I do have all the things to make the parachute and that I need it to proceed to getting to the homing beacon from the buoy at sea off Shipwreck Point. That is why I was so frustrated that I could not seem to trigger the conversation about making the parachute with Miss Brent because although the game lets you continue with other things it still needs the parachute to move on in the game. Goodness knows what I didn't do first time round not to trigger the apple juice making and the conversation with the men at the woodshed, but with my second atempt I have passed that. I went back to an earlier save and after I spoke with the men I went to the front of the house by going through it first so I came out of the front door hence the first person I encounter is Miss Brent! Not the two men at bottom of the steps. I finally got her to agree to making the parachute, then went forward to bottom of steps to speak to the men which finished the sequence. I continued on for some time with game and just as |I was going to close for the computer froze and shut it's self down. Not anything I could do about that, but, now have to go back to last save which was end of Chapter three. Argggh! I played the Testament of Sherlock Holmes just before this and although very complex, (for me anyway), did not call for me to bother you with that at all! ha ha.
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Re: Agatha Christie: And then there was none - 11/12/12 09:18 AM

Oh no! frown How frustrating. You'll soon know this part of the game back to front to sideways! I hope it doesn't take too long for you to get back where you were. Saving frequently is always a good thing to do.
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Well all done and dusted now. I have finished the game at last, you will be pleased to know. But unfortunately for you,don't hold your breath, I am about to start Evil under the sun now. I have played this game before as with the above but this too is on a disc. Hope it goes smoothly for all our sakes eh? thank you all once again for getting me through the last game. I have barely escaped with what little sanity I have!
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Re: Agatha Christie: And then there was none - 11/12/12 05:53 PM

Great that you finished! thumbsup

Have fun with Evil Under the Sun. Many (many) trips on the sea tractor await you. laugh
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Re: Agatha Christie: And then there was none - 11/12/12 09:22 PM

I very recently replayed all three in this series and had a great time with them but Evil Under the Sun was always my favourite tomato

Hope you have LOTS of fun smile