Serpent Moon

Posted by: monbron

Serpent Moon - 11/11/12 02:24 PM

I haven't installed the patch for this, but I am having trouble with the Lock crack Pro, I know I have the correct number but the computer will not let me type the last digit, I have tried any digit but it will not accept anything. any ideas?? oops
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Serpent Moon - 11/11/12 03:02 PM

The description of the patch doesn't mention this puzzle. There's a walkthrough at the game site here

and another walkthrough by Traveler here

I'll move your post to Hints. If there isn't some trick to entering the last digit, maybe someone over there can provide you with a saved game.
Posted by: MaG

Re: Serpent Moon - 11/11/12 03:27 PM

wave Jenny.


Check the serial #-code again and see if it is correct; then enter it in the computer.

If still no go - let's wait for someone that has played the game. luck
Posted by: monbron

Re: Serpent Moon - 11/12/12 05:36 AM

Thanks Jenny and MaG, yes I do have the correct number I went back and checked, I wondered about the patch because I don't have the version that is Ok without the patch, I may try from a saved game and go through it again but I can't see that I have missed anything.

Went back to the last saved game and this time the code worked?? Anyway on my way through now. taz