rhem 4

Posted by: kathipa

rhem 4 - 11/13/12 03:17 PM

i am playing part 6 .aI am stuck where i must the signal lights cabinet and then I must do the sunrise and sunset . that is the part I am stuck at, I cant get the cabinet open in door four. I can not get the sequence right . aan someone help me .. thanx
Posted by: MaG

Re: rhem 4 - 11/13/12 11:02 PM

If you are having difficulty following the lights - get the code another way.
Go to door 1 and look at the cabinet under that signal light.
There is a chart - that is the chart you can use.

This is sunrise -

This is sunset -

So write the code down and deduce from it what to use at the cabinet at end of the gallery hallway. luck
Posted by: kathipa

Re: rhem 4 - 11/14/12 05:58 PM

thanx that worked
Posted by: MaG

Re: rhem 4 - 11/14/12 09:51 PM

Wonderful. Good job.