Kings Quest 7

Posted by: chobits

Kings Quest 7 - 11/15/12 11:23 AM

hi, I am stuck where the firecracker blows up on the queen, is there a save game that can get me past it? I know there is a patch but the patch isn't really working so ideally the place after the firecracker has been placed would be great.

thanks loads!
Posted by: ExmoorGuitarist

Re: Kings Quest 7 - 11/15/12 12:09 PM

Hi chobits,

I remember experiencing the same problem when I last played through the game, and as well as I can remember I used to a slowdown utility to slow that particular section of the game down to get past it. I did a quick Google search and found this website:

Among its suggestions are playing through an emulator such as DosBox and just keep retrying that particular section. As the website says, it should bring Valanice closer each time.

Hope this helps.
Posted by: chobits

Re: Kings Quest 7 - 11/15/12 12:14 PM

I actually did that but it is useless know since the save game is ruined by downloading the dosbox upgrader I downloader so now Im more than frustrated. I don't wish to start all over. I tried the emulator dosbox it did not work for me, it just asked me to insert cd #0 and press any key. I don't have the Cd since I downloaded as part of a bundle I got and I don't know if getting it from steam would help.
Posted by: Mad

Re: Kings Quest 7 - 11/15/12 04:40 PM

KQ7 is available from GOG and I've never had any issues with the old games they have tweaked and released for play on modern machines smile

Of course, you'd have to start the game over if you got it from them ....
Posted by: oldmariner

Re: Kings Quest 7 - 11/15/12 05:26 PM

The bad news is I did not keep my saves for this game. The good news is with KQ7 even if you uninstall and re-install you do not have to start over. This game allows you to start at the beginning of any chapter without playing any of the prior chapters. If you were to purchase the GOG version assuming your dosbox install is the problem perhaps the GOG will be without that glitch.

Gog charges $9.99 for both KQ7-8 as a pair, one download. You install both games at the same time, no option to install just one. You can play either while ignoring the other.

Some of those early games featured a different save format than exists today. With some you could not add an individual save. I do not recall if KQ7 was one of these or not. Perhaps that is the reason I did not keep my save file. I always keep my save files even for games I no longer have.

You can of course copy your present save file to a new gog install more often than not they will work. But not always. Never-the-less the worst that will happen is you will need to play chapter five from the start.
Posted by: mbday630

Re: Kings Quest 7 - 11/15/12 08:04 PM

I think I have the GOG version... or is it the steam version? can't remember, but, I had a very hard time at the firecracker part too. It wasn't slow enough and I died every few seconds. But, it was do-able. I would just go as fast as I could to the left, and each time I died, I would put do again, and keep going, and after about 100 times, or about 20 minutes, I finally made it to the crypt and I could keep going. so, just be patient and you can do it. It will just take longer.
Posted by: Mad

Re: Kings Quest 7 - 11/15/12 11:32 PM

"This game allows you to start at the beginning of any chapter without playing any of the prior chapters."

Oh, yes !! I had forgotten all about being able to do that. Thanks, oldmariner thumbsup
Posted by: Marian

Re: Kings Quest 7 - 11/19/12 12:57 PM

Welcome to GameBoomers, ExmoorGuitarist! welcome
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Re: Kings Quest 7 - 11/20/12 07:48 AM

Thanks, Marian smile
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Re: Kings Quest 7 - 11/20/12 09:38 PM

Hello, ExmoorGuitarist! smile
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Re: Kings Quest 7 - 11/21/12 09:07 AM

Hi MaG smile What a friendly forum this is! I must come here more often.

Hope you managed to get past that firecracker section, chobits. It's quite a frustrating part on newer computers.