Alpha Polaris

Posted by: El

Alpha Polaris - 11/25/12 05:11 PM

Need some help. Pretty much in the beginning of this game & following MaG's w/t, I am stuck.
I am outside, tranquilized the poor polar, removed the dart from him, got the rachet strap from the snowmobile.
Now I am supposeto go back to Tully & talk to him ( it gives 3 suggestiont on what to speak about, last one is "end discussion." Anyway, when I am suppose to talk to him, w/t says:

"Type in - snowmobile - left of the "suggest" on the frame (where Tully is suppose to bring the snowmobile closer.

I do not understand what it means above by "type in" etc.?? Do not see anywhere where I can type in the word snowmobile?
Please help me to continueso I can get that snowmobile closer. Thanks you so!!

Posted by: Rushes

Re: Alpha Polaris - 11/25/12 05:21 PM

Hi El,

Be sure to right click on the snowmobile so that you then know that Tully has the keys for it.

Then when you go back to speak to Tully you should get a little suggestion box to type in below Tully's speech bubble.
Posted by: El

Re: Alpha Polaris - 11/26/12 02:37 PM

Thank you so, I'll try it.

********** Edit **********

Well, did right click on snowmobile & it said that Tully has the key. (Also have the strap from the polar bear) I click on him & all I get again are the 3 questions (his background, what's he doing & end discussion). All Tully says is taking the rest of the day off. After that happens is the Inventory bag on bottom of screen slides into view in order for me to use it if I need it.
I do not get sny frame for typing in the word snowmobile.
Please help! Thanks in advance as always
Posted by: Rushes

Re: Alpha Polaris - 11/26/12 02:48 PM

luck and keep us posted.
Posted by: El

Re: Alpha Polaris - 11/26/12 04:32 PM

Guess you responded quickly & did not see my "Edit" after my last message.
I would appreciate your help on this.

Posted by: Rushes

Re: Alpha Polaris - 11/26/12 04:37 PM

I wonder if you've done everything needed with the bear.

Double check this:

Check the bear's mouth. One of the fangs is infected and the infection is spreading.

Use the oximeter on the bear's mouth. The pulse is little over forty. That is normal.

Place the tracking collar on the neck of the bear.

Did you open the door of the sleigh dog cage already?
Posted by: El

Re: Alpha Polaris - 11/27/12 08:02 PM

Hi there:
Neglected to R click on bears mouth completely & got thru it but alas, I am stuck again.
I'm on Day 2 of w/t & on the paragraph titled Triangulate.
No matter how many times I try to get close to snowmobile & get a reading (MaG's was l99) & go thru all necessary computer things, all he says is "I did something wrong." Where should I end up being? Everytime I count off 15 steps, I (Rune) never go in a straight line. Can all this be avoided & just get in the snowmobile and leave?
Aha....... just scanning w/t & it says "I (MaG) stood on the left close to the snow plow."
Is this my problem, me starting out near the snowmobile & not the snow plow?? If so, where is the snowplow?
I thank you as always in advance.

Posted by: MaG

Re: Alpha Polaris - 11/27/12 09:00 PM

If you go to the yard, go left to see the snowplow.
If you go right you will be at the generator or cages area.