Lost Chronicles of Zezura

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Lost Chronicles of Zezura - 12/02/12 02:56 PM

Hi Gays

I am at the point of recruiting the 5 captains, but I am having trouble with the Gambler and the dice game, I have checked the W/T and it says to stand next to the box and when the corsair puts his winning in his pocket pick up the loaded dice from the box, every time I try he just makes a comment about the box and does not pick anything up, what I am missing, any help gratefully received

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lol12 Hello! wave12

Let's wait for help for you here.
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Okay! <snort>


Be sure that you have played once with the captain as stated below.
Then do what the wt step by step that you read.

This is from earlier in the wt.

Gambling captain: Enter the tent at right. Talk to captain.

He will advocate Feodor if he wins half a treasure or win one game of skull and bones.

Risk to play a game. Learn the rules. Throw 3 dice. There are 11 penalty stones and the one that gets 6 stones of the opponent wins.

Feodor plays anchor and he plays skulls. So it is good to accumulate skulls.

Risk a game. The gambler stands and gets new set of dice from box at right.

Throw by clicking on cup at right. Feodor loses. The gambler returns the loaded dice in the box at right. Exit the tent.

I think Feodor will make a comment that the dice is loaded after this.
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Hi MaG

Cracked it, I didnt play the game through, I just click on the cup rolled the dice then ended it, DOH!! I now have the dice

Many Thanks
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Wonderful. Enjoy the game.