The Art of Murder - Cards of Destiny

Posted by: jeandonna

The Art of Murder - Cards of Destiny - 12/12/12 11:38 PM

This is an old game, but does anyone remember how to get the lady started in the game. Am at the table placing the last three notes on the map - all in New Jersey but no matter how often I try the character keeps saying 'doesn't fit here'. So am stuck here.

Anyone remember how they got past this point?
Posted by: Rushes

Re: The Art of Murder - Cards of Destiny - 12/13/12 09:25 AM

Hi jeandonna, welcome to GameBoomers.

Another member had the same problem. Double check to be sure that you've done everything else in the house first. The notes should place correctly if all else has been completed. In this gamer's situation they found that they had not retrieved all of the items from the box first. Did you pick up the rusty bolt? It's difficult to spot. If not:

Right click on the box in inventory to bring it into close-up view.

Turn the box to the short side to see the inside of it. Right-click-holding and dragging your mouse should do this.

The game manual also says: Using the mouse wheel will turn the object left or right.

luck and keep us posted.