Deadly Device - Gray's Shirt and Ellie's Sister

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Deadly Device - Gray's Shirt and Ellie's Sister - 01/01/13 09:14 AM

I haven't quite finished this game because I figure I'm about to crack Niko's password and trigger a timed puzzle where I bomb out two dozen times at least. Therefore, I'm asking these two questions beforehand before I get annoyed and lose interest. First, what the dickens is written on Gray's tee-shirt? I have three numerical answers that have made no sense to me in the game. These are reading up to down in columns and adding zeros for the blanks, reading left to right in rows, and finally reading right to left starting with the bottom row.

Second, what code exactly are Ellie and her sister using? I couldn't solve one for the letter on the desk.

Obviously the answers to these questions are not relevant to finishing the game but if anyone knows the answers, I'd like to know them.
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Re: Deadly Device - Gray's Shirt and Ellie's Sister - 01/01/13 09:53 AM

Gray's shirt: It's a binary code to get an Easter egg.
I got this info from Her Interactive: Enter the binary code on Gray's shirt (from top to bottom - blank spaces and blue circles are red while white ones are blue) into Niko's desk drawer and an egg will appear inside!

Ellie's code: I just presumed that this code mentioned in the letter is a clue that points to the numbers in the book (King Arthur) - maybe I am mistaken.
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Re: Deadly Device - Gray's Shirt and Ellie's Sister - 01/01/13 10:03 AM

Drat. I did try my binary results on the desk only I never got the right numbers. Actually that's one of the things I admire about Deadly Device. The puzzles are intensely clever and have relatively simple solutions if you go outside the box a little. Thanks for the answer to the shirt. Maybe the letter isn't anything except maybe misdirection.