The Blackwell Convergence

Posted by: luis

The Blackwell Convergence - 01/06/13 10:45 AM

I am using a walk through to play this game. I cannot get the option to travel to the lighthouse. On the map, I see no icon for the lighthouse. I have done everything according to the walk through. Can someone please help?

Posted by: MaG

Re: The Blackwell Convergence - 01/06/13 09:06 PM

Hi Luis,

This is from the walkthrough of Margie's

Go back to Park Gallery, and they will walk straight to the portrait they are searching for after they speak to Josie for a few seconds.
Close that page and talk to Josie. Choose the following options:The Countess painting
The Dark Lady [Roosevelt Island Lighthouse location opens up on the map]

See if that helps.