Help for Rhem 1 Please

Posted by: Nicolajane63uk

Help for Rhem 1 Please - 01/24/13 08:05 AM

I have been trying to play Rem 1 for a week now. I have had so many headaches having to restart the game because i keep getting stuck. This time i am really stuck and i am so close to the e4nd of the game.

Using This walkthrough

I am at the part near the end with the heading "The Double Building". I have to Find the 4 Button Panels, Red, Green, Purple and Blue and put in certain numbers. I was fine until i got to the Blue Panel. It says i have to Go to the Lower South Exit from the Round Building. You will have to recall the ladder and change the orientation in the control room to do this.

I have been everywhere and can not get back to the Control Room to do this.

I would appreciate any help you can give me. If you could either tell me Step by step details on getting back to the control room Or if you can send me a saved game. My email is EDITED. If you send a saved game for after that puzzle can you please tell me how to install it.

I have come too far to give up now!
Posted by: MaG

Re: Help for Rhem 1 Please - 01/24/13 09:41 AM

Hi NicolaJane,

I have to take time to orient myself with the map; it's been a while.


You want to reach the south exit at round walkway building and the blue button panel.

I am not sure if you need to turn walkway at the control room to access the south exit of the round walkway building at this point in the game but since you're following the walkthrough - maybe you turned the walkways differently at one time.

Check Graham's map here.

The control building in this map is the square with 3 dots below the round building.
This is the tower where the control panel is located.
You want to go to cliffside left of this square with 3 dots and go to the little blue square shown in the map at left side.
You can go there 2 ways: via the south exit of this round building or via the manhole exit.

If you are at the 4 way tower; go right to walk the water-cliffside area until you get to the round building.
Enter the round building and: first see if you can exit to the south side.
If not, go to the top walkway of the round building to exit at top south.
Then walk to the attached ramp and be at the control room. Turn the panel so you can access the lower south exit.
Good luck.
My saved games are for green stand and last letter piece taken.
So it is before and way after what you need. If you want either one or both - tell me.