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Hoodwink - 02/03/13 02:56 PM

Hi Guys

I am also playing Hoodwink as well as Red Johnson 2, I am stuck at the moment, I have the flowers, chocolates, but I am stuck with the ingredients for the perfume, I have found the bin juice and milk carton but when I go back to saffy she just tells me to go and collect the stuff, anybody got or know where to find a walk-through, as the only one I have found is on Youtube but only goes as far as the flowers
many thanks in advance

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Re: Hoodwink - 02/03/13 03:26 PM

Here's a translated walkthrough, SAFC, hope it helps:

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Re: Hoodwink - 02/03/13 03:27 PM

There are 4 parts of the WT on Youtube. I believe that's complete. Did you search Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4?
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Re: Hoodwink - 02/03/13 03:56 PM

Many Thanks Guys

I will check them out