Sherlock - the testament

Posted by: petjo

Sherlock - the testament - 02/04/13 03:30 AM

I am needing help --- I am at the lovers tree and trying to inspect the inscriptions -- Sherlock says that he needs something --- i cannot find what he needs -nothing in the inventory works and the magnifier doesn't seem to be available -- have i missed something???? regards - Petjo
Posted by: Rushes

Re: Sherlock - the testament - 02/04/13 09:09 AM

Hi petjo,

It sounds like you're missing some data.

Be sure to have checked the paper on the noticeboard in the morgue's corridor which mentions the lovers' names.

Did you read the note in the graveyard shed also?

Keep us posted. luck
Posted by: petjo

Re: Sherlock - the testament - 02/05/13 03:10 AM

Hi Rushes -- you have come good again -- yes , I missed the leaflet although I did look at the board---all is well now and thanks once again --Petjo
Posted by: Rushes

Re: Sherlock - the testament - 02/05/13 09:23 AM

Glad that did the trick. thumbsup