A Space Adventure

Posted by: Wincey

A Space Adventure - 02/12/13 12:00 AM

I'm stuck at the puzzle with the wires to the keyboard. I just want to know to move the wires where I want them. There doesn't seem to be a system and I can't move the wire where I want it. When I click on a wire sometimes it doesn't move and sometimes it moves to somewhere else. Then when it does goes where I want by random luck I click the "tie together" button and nothing happens.

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Re: A Space Adventure - 02/12/13 10:09 AM


Have you installed the Patch? If not it is supposed to help with

- fixed : the human keyboard on PC Forte could be connected easily in specific conditions.
- fixed : in the private room, on the digicode on the left, the "3" key didn't work correctly.
- fixed : in the central room, after going out of the private or maintenance rooms and looking behind you, the door was still closed.
- corrected spelling : on some computers, the sentences written in Anterran language contained mistakes.

If not you can get it here...
Posted by: Rushes

Re: A Space Adventure - 02/12/13 12:09 PM

Thanks, GreyFuss.
Posted by: Wincey

Re: A Space Adventure - 02/12/13 07:54 PM

Thanks for the patch, I didn't know it existed!

I'll try it and see if it works. smile
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Re: A Space Adventure - 02/12/13 08:51 PM

You are welcome Wincey

Some people don't experience any of these snafus while others only experience some. For me, I did not experience what you have but I did have to use the patch later in the game because "in the private room, on the digicode on the left, the "3" key didn't work correctly"

For anyone looking at this, download the ASA Patch 1.1 and install it after you install the game so you don't run into any of these bumps in the game. For some of you that are just buying the game the Patch might be included in your downloaded files but you will still have to install it after the games installation. You can install the Patch anytime after installing the game, it won't affect your games progress or your saved games.

Posted by: Wincey

Re: A Space Adventure - 02/14/13 01:39 AM

Greyfuss: The patch didn't work. Maybe I should be more clear. What happens is this: When I'm in the wires puzzle and I want to move the wires somewhere else I can't do it. When I click on the top wire sometimes nothing happens and sometimes it switches with the 3rd wire. The next time I click it might switch with the 5th wire. So there's no pattern to changing the wires. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, and it's not a glitch at all. I can't figure out how to move the wires where I want then.
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Have you found the solution to where the wires go yet? If not, I believe that once you have discovered how to place the wires then that will trigger being able to manipulate them.

If thats not it try contacting Simon (the developer) directly, I know he would be happy to help you get by this...


I went back and played that part and is this picture where you are?
Click to reveal..
http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u232/GreyFuss/untitled_zps3c3def0c.jpg If it is then this is like a mini game. You have to line up the colored wires on the right to match the solution for the colors on the left. Clicking on one wire on the right will affect others. It is up to you to figure out how to, and in what order you have to click on the wires so they line up in the correct order
Posted by: Simon

Re: A Space Adventure - 02/14/13 10:45 AM

Hi Wincey,

you can have a look at the walkthrough from time to time if you're stuck. The walkthrough is given with the game, but you can also download an updated version here :
It's not a matter of patch anyway.

So here is the way to solve the puzzle with the wires :

Click to reveal..
Go on the first PC near the entrance (turned on already, with a green wallpaper) and look at the emails : you'll find various keyboards with connections. Find the human keyboard schema and write down its symbols. Now, still on this PC, find the photo of the wires with equivalent symbols in red. Try to make the link between them.

It gives :
(Left ---> Right)

yellow > white
orange > blue
cyan > red
light green > white
black > dark green

Go back to Forte's PC and make the connection : place the good color on the right. They have to face the colors on the left that you can't move. Try to understand how the wires change of position.

The green wire changes with one of the white wires.
The white wire changes with the other white wire.
The red wire changes with the green wire.
The second white wire changes with the blue wire.
The blue wire changes with the red wire.

So what are you supposed to do ? At the beginning, you have :
Green, white, white, blue, red.
And you need to enter :
white, blue, red, white, green.
So if you take in account the way the wires are changing, you need to click on :
green, red, blue, middle white, blue, bottom white, top white

When you organized them in the order you think is good, click the top small picture "connected wires". If you found the good combination, the human keyboard will be connected to the PC.

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Thanks, both.

luck Wincey.
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Thank you Simon for stopping by to help Wincey