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Atlantis - 03/05/13 01:34 PM

Playing Secrets of Atlantis The Sacred Legacy. Been good till now. Got to the last puzzle. The route to Atlantis. One has to get from top right to bottom left avoiding counteracting opponent, to continue to the end. I have played this puzzle to the best of my ability and cause terrible consequences each time. I realise that you cannot send saves etc but perhaps I am missing what I should be doing? I thought I had to get from A to B without getting shut off by my opponent. I have done this with just one place to be at the end and out, only for the Ark to disappear onto the abyss yet again! I get to play at least a dozen repeats then my computer freezes! Even that gives up on me. Am I misunderstanding the rules? Doesn't matter really I s'pose as game at end but love to finish these things.
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Re: Atlantis - 03/05/13 03:53 PM

That is correct. You have to make continuous path from the start at top right to the end at bottom left.
It is strategy. You might need to divert the red computer opponent sometimes and then continue to make your path.
You also need to block the path of the red from top left to bottom right.
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Re: Atlantis - 03/05/13 04:32 PM

Ah, did think I had to stop the red opponent too, but seems he followed me. So I stopped trying to block him, guess that is why I fell into the abyss, he got to the finish first eh? Well I will try again as I would really like to finish this game but strategy is not my specialty I am afraid. Complete rubbish at chess draughts etc.So thank goodness for the walkthroughs I say.
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Oh, by the way is the puzzle timed? Perhaps if I have more time to think it may help.
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Re: Atlantis - 03/07/13 12:49 AM

I checked the other walkthroughs and saw that I must be mistaken that the red wants to reach its own exit at bottom right. Sorry.

I also did not see that the other wts mention that it is timed.

You can check Malcolm's solution here:

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Re: Atlantis - 03/09/13 04:01 PM

Oh my thank you I will go and try this! Let you know how I do?
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I did it! All finished! Thank you so much for your help. Is there any other Atlantis games to come do you know? Need something new to play.
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Re: Atlantis - 03/09/13 07:10 PM

bravo I have not heard of any as of yet. The themes come in bunches - so maybe soon.
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Re: Atlantis - 03/11/13 06:08 AM

Congrats on finishing the game Lozza! thumbsup