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Keepsake - 03/07/13 02:01 PM

Hi Guys

I found Keepsake tucked away and thought I play it again, I am at the point in the game where I need to set the co-ordinates for the telescope to view the different constellations but I am well and truly stuck, I have checked all 3 W/T in GB but I am still totally lost when I go to set the co-ordinates the messages keeps saying that I dont have the required prerequisites and the character just keep saying this does not do anything, has anyone got a step by step guide or a safe for this part of the game, anything will be much appreciated

Many thanks
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Re: Keepsake - 03/07/13 05:08 PM

This puzzle can only be done at night.
Then follow the walkthroughs then - from wt quote:
1. Study the tapestry riddle
2. Enter the coordinates of specific constellations on the wheel.
3. Look through the telescope to see the constellation.
Identify the constellation seen by searching for it on the constellation table at lower level.
Look through the telescope again and highlight only the star that is in reference to the tapestry riddle.

Complete one constellation at a time.
Use the hint feature of the game.
The coordinates and picture of the constellation are in the walkthrough. luck
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Re: Keepsake - 03/08/13 01:14 PM

Hi Mags

Is there any specific order in which you have to spin the rings as I am just going round and round and I cant seem to be getting anywhere, do you have a save for just after this puzzle, it would be gratefully appreciated, as I am slowly loosing the will to live with this puzzle

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Re: Keepsake - 03/08/13 01:47 PM

The order of the numbers of the coordinates need NOT be in order. So you can 62 where it is possible. luck
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Re: Keepsake - 03/10/13 12:57 PM

Hi Guys

I am still struggling with the co-ordinates wheel, does anyone have a safe for this part

Many Thanks
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Re: Keepsake - 03/10/13 01:18 PM

Yikes, SAFC, I wish we did, but it isn't possible to transfer saves in this game. The game saves your progress as you go along, and there aren't individual files. frown

This YouTuber made a playthrough of the game -- see if one of their videos helps you through this part.

YouTube walkthrough

I think #39 might be the one you need?
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Re: Keepsake - 03/10/13 01:36 PM

Hi Rushes
I have checked that one it only shows you where the co-ordinates are not how to do it

Oh well I will give it another go

Many thanks for your help

Cheers SAFC