Jack Orlando Director's Cut

Posted by: Mad

Jack Orlando Director's Cut - 03/09/13 12:17 AM

Hi smile

I have the Dot Emu version of this game and it is playing well in Win7 - but I can't "look at" items in my inventory woozy

Does anyone know if I should be able to ??

And if so, how I would do it ??

Help always appreciated thumbsup


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Posted by: MaG

Re: Jack Orlando Director's Cut - 03/09/13 12:46 AM

I read the manual at replacementdocs.com and it mentions only "look at" on objects - did not specify if it is in inventory though.

The magnifier icon is a magnifying lens.
Magnifier - Look and examine:
If you place this icon over an object you can get some information, the magnifier pulses. If you click your left hand mouse button, Jack will describe the object and a written description will also appear on the screen.

Ah - found another info:
By pressing the right mouse button you can change the cursor to call different actions or by pressing the right mouse button calls up the bullet from which you can choose the desire action. Aha!

So Mad - right click and then find the magnifier. Voila!
Posted by: Mad

Re: Jack Orlando Director's Cut - 03/09/13 01:36 AM

Hi MaG smile

Thank you .. but the magnifier can't be accessed in inventory .. that was the first thing I tried yes

Looking at objects outside of inventory is done that way but once inside if you right click, inventory immediately closes so you can't access the bullet at all.

It seems strange that inventory items can't be looked at - unless I just haven't found the "how to" yet blush

But thanks very much for trying to help !!


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