secret files 3

Posted by: mbday630

secret files 3 - 04/04/13 01:58 PM

I'm at the end trying to de-activate the lasers. I have made the laser beams visible with the cigar. I also checked both lab coats and got lipstick and mirror. I have put the sticky notes on the ufo thing and the mirror. I have tried everything to get the keycard, which I don't see anywhere. Any help would be appreciated on how to get the keycard, or even see the key card. Thanks!
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Re: secret files 3 - 04/04/13 04:58 PM

Hi mbday,

The keycard is on the table on the wall in the hallway. Move your cursor over that table and see if anything becomes active there.

Here's how to get the keycard:

Click to reveal..
Check the pocket mirror in inventory and see that it is double sided.
Combine the pocket mirror with poster strips.
Use the mirror with poster strip on laser grid. Nina separates the mirror and places one on the wall and another that points to the laser beam. See a small opening in the grid.
Attach some poster strips on the model UFO.
Use the model UFO with poster strips on the table with the keycard in the hallway.
Nina asks the assistant to fly the UFO model to get the keycard. Betty, the UFO model gets the keycard.

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Re: secret files 3 - 04/04/13 08:44 PM

I think that is my problem. After I put the lit cigar on the table, there is nothing that lites up; either the table or anything on the table. I was wondering if I was looking at the right table... the one in the hall right across from the guy in the wheelchair?
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Re: secret files 3 - 04/04/13 08:50 PM


Have you checked the console on the wall and sensor at the ceiling?

Double check that the cigar is labeled "smoking cigar" after you light the cigar with the lighter. luck

Keep us posted.
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Re: secret files 3 - 04/05/13 09:57 AM

ah, thanks! This morning I decided to try it again while I had a fresh mind and fresh eyes, and got the keycard right away. I think that I might have forgotten to right click on the table.
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Re: secret files 3 - 04/05/13 01:04 PM

Great that you're progressing now. smile
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Re: secret files 3 - 04/07/13 06:07 AM

Nice job mbday! it always helps to step back for awhile!