GK3 Easter Eggs

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GK3 Easter Eggs - 04/15/13 11:20 AM

This isn't deja vu.

I'm replaying GK3. I never even played it when it first came out. I think I first played six or seven years ago.

I know to do Control + Shift + ~ and then type in SetFlag then space then EGG within the quotation marks then C+S+~ to exit the prompt.

But I'm not getting the egg choice in the verb chooser. I tried for clownshoes too. No luck. I read somewhere that mood is another possible choice.

Does anyone remember how this works and if later releases actually had the egg option? Maybe I'm missing a file.
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This what are posted at Easter Egg archive:

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To trigger the egg icon, hit the Ctrl key, the Shift key and the ~ key. On some keyboards in other countries, you have to click something other than the ~ key. I'm not sure what.

When you hit these 3 buttons, the console comes up. In the console window type: SetFlag and then hit the space bar. Within the quotation marks that will appear, type EGG and hit the enter key.

Now, there are a bunch of places you can use this "egg" icon for interesting results:

Go to the old ruins at Chateau de Blanchefort (top of mountain) and click on the sign pointing to Mt. Cardeau and select the egg icon.

While following Prince jame's men on Day 1, 6-10 PM, click on either man and select the egg icon.

Click on Jean at anytime and select the egg icon.

Grace will receive spam on Sidney. smile

Go to the Rennes-le-Baines (the tavern) and click on the barman. Totally fantastic!

Click on the chicken at any time and select the egg icon.

Click on Grace at anytime and select the egg icon.

During Day 2 10-12 PM, go to refrigerator in the hotel kitchen and click on the egg icon.

Click on Emilio during day 1, 10-12 PM while he is sitting in the lobby reading a newspaper, and select the egg icon.

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Press [Shift] + [Ctrl] + ~ to display the console window. Type extract, press [Space], then press [Enter]. A file named "!!!Readme.txt" will be created in the game directory. Read the file on how to activate the various hidden features in the game. These include the extraction of multimedia files, activation of various secrets, and the creation of places and animations. To activate all the Easter Eggs, type Tippe: SetFlag("egg") at the console window. Hope this works for you.
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Thanks, MaG. I didn't know there was an Easter egg archive.
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Hope that you get to see the Easter eggs.