Posted by: robert gray

Voyage - 05/14/13 02:37 PM

hi, after getting rid the 2 bodies, the shell is still too heavy and crashes. how can i lighten the shell with non-essential items? robert.
Posted by: MaG

Re: Voyage - 05/14/13 02:57 PM

Open the portholes and then throw out any items that can be thrown on the open porthole.
Posted by: robert gray

Re: Voyage - 05/14/13 04:35 PM

hi Mag, when i open the portholes, i get no cursor to throw anything out e.g. cartridges, frying pan etc. robert.
Posted by: MaG

Re: Voyage - 05/14/13 05:05 PM

Use the bottom porthole you used to throw out the bodies.
Collect the items first and then when that porthole is opened, throw the items. luck
Posted by: robert gray

Re: Voyage - 05/14/13 06:49 PM

hi Mag. when i try to throw out the cartridges, it says 'that might come in handy' or throw out empty pan 'i need that to eat!'. therefore i am stuck unless you can come up with the answer. robert.
Posted by: MaG

Re: Voyage - 05/14/13 08:47 PM

You have to do all things before you can lighten the ship; have you loosened the bolts on all 4 portholes?
Have you picked up all available items that can be picked up?

After doing the above and the bodies - throw the monkey wrench and rifle.
Posted by: robert gray

Re: Voyage - 05/16/13 10:30 AM

hi Mag. i am restarting beginning with your W/T. where do i see 'discussions' in the game and what is their significance? i feel i am missing something, am i? robert.
Posted by: GreyFuss

Re: Voyage - 05/16/13 11:28 AM

I happen to be replaying Voyage right now, what a coincidence. It is as MaG says above. Have you loosed the bolts on all the portholes to release the heavy plates protecting them that are on the outside? Including the one at the top of the cabin? They all have to be removed to lighten the load. You've already thrown the 2 bodies out so try to throw every item in your inventory out. The game won't let you throw anything out that you might need now. Don't worry about any items that the game does allow you to throw out as they will be scattered about on the surface of the Moon and you can pick them back up. This should lighten the load enough to slow your decent to the surface.
Posted by: MaG

Re: Voyage - 05/16/13 11:45 AM

Thanks for the help, GreyFuss.

Open the log and see Investigation there. It should have information on what you have done in the game.
Posted by: robert gray

Re: Voyage - 05/24/13 10:59 AM

Mag. i am at the necropolis. why can't i get the shapes with green lights under them to add up and click on the shape with the correct number of sides? robert.
Posted by: Marian

Re: Voyage - 05/24/13 12:56 PM

Hi Robert, I am not familiar with this game but according to the walkthrough it says to add the number of points of the shapes that have green lights and then to click on the shape that has the number of points resulting from the sum of those lit shapes.

Otherwise, maybe there is something that needs to be accomplished before this part of the game?

Please let us know if you are still having trouble. wave
Posted by: robert gray

Re: Voyage - 05/24/13 02:42 PM

yes, Mag. i am having trouble, that's why i am contacting you with my question, robert.
Posted by: Marian

Re: Voyage - 05/24/13 03:08 PM

Okay, let's wait for someone who can offer more help. wave
Posted by: MaG

Re: Voyage - 05/24/13 05:13 PM


This is a random puzzle - so we do not have a solution for you.

You should have a clue for this already:

So knowing that the # of the points in a shape is the correlated number (example triangle is 3);
then you can solve the puzzle. Remember that a bar is 5 though.
- first know the number.
- then find the shape it correlates to.

You can also check Malcolm's walkthrough. luck

I'll try to make an example of a problem.
If a triangle and a square are green (which means addition); it means 3 + 4. The answer should be 7.
Since you have the code already - paper above.
7 is a bar with 2 dots. Then select that as your answer.

You have to do this until the ball is opened and you can exit.