Cognition 1

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Cognition 1 - 06/17/13 05:39 PM

I know it's unlikely but is there a dead end at the interrogation part of the game? I've given him the food, had conversation about his wife. Now he just says "Do you have any new information or not". Ive even read the walkthrough and just cant see what I'm missing.
The W/T says show him the necklace but when I try she says "I dont have a reason to do that now"

I got stuck at this part of the game before but thinking I must have missed something I went back to an earlier save just to end up stuck again.
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There are alternative actions in that interrogation part.
It depends on who you select to be with you in the room.
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I haven't played this game, but there is a video walkthrough of the game, which begins here. Maybe that could help you see what you missed. wave
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MaG I took John to the interrogation room.

Marian. Ive been looking at a youtube playthrough and they seem to have a photo of a bloke in the inventory, I don't, and for the life of me I cant see in mentioned in the walkthrough. Clearly Ive missed something huge here.

See here at 22.32 the inventory is open and there are a couple of photos there? When and where do these appear in the game because I dont have them.;v=lis7b-bfLYM
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Those 2 pictures are from the morgue:

Originally Posted By: walkthrough
Examine the body: Check the face and then use the cell phone to take a face picture.
Take a picture of the trident tattoo on his right arm.
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How can anyone be stupid enough not to examine a body in a morgue in a game about a murder. Doh! *blush*

Thanks MaG
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laugh Too many things to check in an adventure game.
Enjoy the game.