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RHEM 1 - 06/17/13 10:25 PM

I have 2 questions - I don't know north from South in this game. There is no compass - darn!!

How can you tell North from East?
I just started out and the walkthrough says to change the walkway from bottom level East to bottom level North exit on the tower control walkway building- round building. How?? I tried North-West but the door to get back in is locked. Before it was East South page 6 bottom
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Re: RHEM 1 - 06/17/13 11:05 PM

There is a compass. It is at bottom of the screen.

Here's Knut's explanation - click here.
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Re: RHEM 1 - 06/17/13 11:10 PM

No,what I have is where the letter pieces go.

I have the new version - 1 cd
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Re: RHEM 1 - 06/17/13 11:19 PM

Do you see a 4 point star on that inventory bar?

I can't picture Rhem 1 anymore - it's been quite a while since I played it.
But I know it is there on the later games.

Check the link I posted above - the bottom stars.
The 4 point star is what the compass looks like.

If it is a newer version - it definitely will have the compass at bottom of screen. Keep us posted.
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Re: RHEM 1 - 06/18/13 12:24 AM

This is why I left Rhem 1 for last - it did not have a compass, inventory or wheel at the bottom like RHEM 2-4. On the old version or Trilogy version.

I have to hit the space bar for the bar on top and no inventory items display at the bottom. Bottom only has in the middle the letter placement and two bars on each side.
I put the 2 patches in but nothing change in the way of inventory or compass. Must be a glitch.
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Re: RHEM 1 - 06/18/13 12:33 AM

The maps that you find during gameplay have a compass. That might help you.
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Re: RHEM 1 - 06/18/13 08:13 PM

I contacted Knut Mueller and heard back from him. There is no compass in RHEM 1 only in 2-4.

My problem is with the walkthroughs
- MaGtRo about page 6 bottom - Platform balcony purple stand#3-done
-North lower level exit - bring the walkway from bottom level East to bottom level North - which way do I turn by the button - West& North ?? I can not get back into the round tower. And then go where - straight or down?

-Fisicx-Graham Walkthrough
How do you get from the Radio Complex to the Pentangle Complex without using the Round Elevator Tower ?
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Re: RHEM 1 - 06/18/13 08:38 PM

Since you are standing now at north lower exit of walkway tower (if you followed MaGtRo's wt).
Turn the button until you see the walkway in front of the door.
I believe there's a peep hole on top of that button or open the door and see. laugh

You can check it all by using Graham's map here. luck
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Re: RHEM 1 - 06/18/13 09:14 PM

Oh,ok you are on the ground not up in the room with the button and East & South.

Thank you
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Re: RHEM 1 - 06/19/13 08:30 AM

Have fun!
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Re: RHEM 1 - 06/20/13 06:32 AM

When I played Rhem 1 about 6 months ago I was always disorientated as well, so I know where you are coming from. I never saw a compass on my download from Gamers gate.
The Round building is a real enigma in that you choose from the control room inside the tower where you want to go. So what was a direction on one entry, is another direction on leaving when you have changed the settings.
I printed out a map to help me where to go. Whern I could ascertain where I was, I used the map as landmarks. After about 20 hours playing, some places became recognizable. Also look for certain landscapes when walking around. Good luck.