Dracula 4 security cameras

Posted by: cobracurse

Dracula 4 security cameras - 06/20/13 08:29 AM

Does anyone know the solution to the security keypad in the secret room? I have no idea which position the lit buttons should be.
Posted by: Marian

Re: Dracula 4 security cameras - 06/20/13 08:58 AM

Hi cobracurse and welcome to GameBoomers. Let's wait for someone who is playing this game to give you some advice. smile
Posted by: MaG

Re: Dracula 4 security cameras - 06/20/13 09:11 AM


The keypad is for information only.
Note that there are 3 small and one large monitors.
Each row on the keypad is for a monitor.
Each column is for a location of the security camera.
It is needed that you see on the large monitor the 2 locations that are on the 4th and 5th columns.
Then you have to find info about them and look for the location.