ND-Secrets can kill -remastered

Posted by: stephen

ND-Secrets can kill -remastered - 06/20/13 07:48 PM

Im in the boiler room and according to the WT..there is suppose to be a padlock on the levers well there isnt..i found the gloves in the toolbox but NO padlock..i have the bolt cutters already also. is this a glitch?
Posted by: Marian

Re: ND-Secrets can kill -remastered - 06/20/13 08:00 PM

The padlock is right on the front of the boiler. However, if you are not at that stage in the game, the padlock won't be there and the levers will be fine. When you're at the right point, you'll get a note telling you to go into the boiler room, and the levers will be set at a dangerous level and padlocked there. wave
Posted by: stephen

Re: ND-Secrets can kill -remastered - 06/20/13 08:12 PM

i thought i was in that stage of the game thats why i went there..never mind i found what didnt do the first time..missed getting the essay in the teachers lounge..