Julia-Salia 4-quiz answers

Posted by: derek

Julia-Salia 4-quiz answers - 07/05/13 05:19 AM

Hello all,
I have completed map -all positions are marked as in W/Thu.
When I try to answer questions, Laser answer hardly ever appears-when it does the Machete and purple lake are not available.
I have been thru the sequence very many times but cannot satisfy the residants.

Your advice and help will be appreciated.
May be a save after this episode is required.
Posted by: Marian

Re: Julia-Salia 4-quiz answers - 07/05/13 10:09 AM

Hi Derek, the developer of this game has stated the following:

With some computer settings it has been reported, that not all options are available with the alien quiz on Salia 4.

It's caused by having your font settings in Windows to more than 100%. Please change it to 100% so the game will be playable for you.

I'm wondering if this could possibly be related to your problem. wave
Posted by: derek

Re: Julia-Salia 4-quiz answers - 07/05/13 01:01 PM

Hello Marian,

Thank you very much for your advice, IT WORKED

Best wishes
Posted by: Marian

Re: Julia-Salia 4-quiz answers - 07/05/13 01:09 PM

I'm so glad to hear that helped, Derek. I hope you enjoy the rest of the game. thumbsup