black mirror 3

Posted by: christy071

black mirror 3 - 07/07/13 09:35 PM

Hi all
I can't get the computer to work when I am in the morgue after escaping Phil I clicked on label and post it and I can't put the password in please help thank you.
Posted by: Marian

Re: black mirror 3 - 07/07/13 09:55 PM

Hi, according to the walkthrough:

Check the post-it on the right side of the monitor.

Read the clue about the password of the computer - it will come back to you when you come back in again.

Read the label on the wall right of the cellar door under the archway - RGUE. See that there are 2 spaces left of the label. So it is MORGUE.

Computer: Click to turn computer on.

Enter MORGUE as password by typing on the game screen's keyboard.

Click on enter key at bottom right.

If this doesn't work, then maybe there is something else that you needed to do before this sequence? wave
Posted by: christy071

Re: black mirror 3 - 07/07/13 11:23 PM

ok thank you Marian. I will try again