The Raven Chapter 3

Posted by: peteralan

The Raven Chapter 3 - 10/01/13 12:22 PM

Trying to escape from hold - cannot connect end of hose to hoist as there are no active points showing. I wonder if it would be possible to send me a saved game after the hatch has been removed please? Also where are the saved games stored please.
Posted by: Rushes

Re: The Raven Chapter 3 - 10/01/13 12:41 PM

Hi peteralan,

Have you tried showing all active hotspots in the scene? (Click on the lens icon that appears as you move your cursor to top right of your game screen.)

There should be a hotspot that appears on the side of the crates to indicate the crane controls. Examine the crane controls and your character will comment and lower the hoist. Then you should be able to attach the hose. luck Did you already attach the hose to the pulley on the floor, and to the bars at the top of the crates?

If you still have problems, let us know.
Posted by: peteralan

Re: The Raven Chapter 3 - 10/01/13 01:21 PM

Hi Rushes, I have been using a gamepad to control the game but I changed to using the mouse and the crane hotspot showed up straightaway so now am able to progress this excellent game, many thanks!!
Posted by: Rushes

Re: The Raven Chapter 3 - 10/01/13 01:26 PM

Great! Glad you're enjoying it. laugh